can I do for you?”

can I do for you?”
“Doctor, I am very aware of your great contribution to federal security. I have something very important that I want to talk to you about in person. Could you please spare a few minutes for me? ”
Of course you can, Mr. Philips, but I have to go to the newly opened experimental ranch today to select cotton seeds…” ”
/Is that okay tomorrow, doctor?”
“OK, then at nine o’clock tomorrow morning, we will be in the lobby of the ‘Poseidon Building’ See you.” Zhang Lisheng preemptively determined that the meeting place would be a hotel under his name.
“Well, doctor, see you tomorrow.” The serious voice on the other end of the phone hesitated and agreed.
Chapter 631: The value of an oasis.
One acre is equal to about 4,000 square meters. Two hundred acres is equal to 800,000 square meters. At first glance, this sounds like an extraordinary number, but after careful calculation, it is actually not enough. One square kilometer, in the vast desert, a small oasis of this size is as insignificant as a coin in the square. If it is close to a large oasis, it may have considerable use value, but if it is too far away from the large oasis , then the high development costs and dangerous living environment will make it worthless.
Two hours after ending the call with senior officials of the Ministry of National Defense, Zhang Lisheng drove into such a small oasis that was judged by the federal government to have no development value.
The Jeep knocked down clumps of short bushes, and the heavy tires with strong grip rolled over patches of green grass. It rushed to the source of all the miracles of life in the desert. The width of the road from north to south was only two meters, but it ran east to west throughout the entire road. Stop in front of a small river in an oasis.
The young man opened the door and jumped out of the car.
The breeze was cool and the water vapor was moist. He stretched his muscles comfortably and was about to speak. Suddenly he saw thirty or forty people busy beside the river, either building special board houses; measuring water quality and studying the growth of riverside plants; or doing nothing. Among the dazed figures, an older Caucasian man wearing a dusty blue canvas denim overalls and a wide-brimmed cowboy hat rushed over, speaking incoherently, and rebuked him with great excitement: “Oh my God. , you know, do you know what you have done!
Those dwarf shrubs, those dwarf shrubs are the last barrier to protect this oasis from wind and sand. You actually broke a dozen of them like this. I hesitated for three times. I’m not willing to conduct destructive research on them for days, you, you…”
/“I let you get your wish, didn’t I, old gentleman?” Zhang Lisheng spread his hands, interrupted the old man’s words, and pointed to the scattered things in the distance. The dwarf tree said, “Look, the sap flowing out of those broken shrubs is still fresh and still maintains basic activity. It’s still too late for you to collect it and use it as ‘test material’.” After hearing th