iss, Miss Selina, how ugly did you think Benson and I were before? With thinning hair and premature aging, Klein pinched his eyebrows and practiced “spiritual vision” diligently.

Miss Selina is in good health, excited, and very happy. Old Mr. Wood has a slight lung problem. Yes, I saw his pipe. Klein glanced at everyone present in a good mood.
“Elizabeth, Melissa is here.” At this time, Selina greeted the front in a brisk tone.
A girl wearing a blue lace dress came over. She had naturally curly long brown hair and cute baby bump.
Klein was stunned for a moment because he knew this girl.
In the underground trading market, he also helped the other party choose amulets.
Elizabeth first said hello to Melissa, and then looked at Benson and Klein.
She froze there, frowning slightly, as if she was thinking about something.
Soon, Elizabeth smiled and said hello politely as if nothing had happened.
Klein also pretended not to recognize the other party. Under the guidance of Old Wood, he came to the sofa area in the living room and was introduced to Selena’s brother Chris and other guests.
Seeing Benson having a pleasant chat with Chris and other solicitors using Mr. Chaud next door as the topic, Klein couldn’t help but feel envious.
/I don’t have such communication skills. He picked up a glass of pre-dinner wine from the table in the corner and listened quietly, nodding from time to time and laughing in agreement.
Not long after, all the guests arrived and the dinner officially began.
Because there were too many guests invited, the dining table of the Wood family could not bear it, so the dinner was held in the form of a buffet. The maid served steak, roast chicken, fried fish, mashed potatoes and other foods one by one and placed them on different tables. The valet is responsible for cutting it into portions suitable for use.
When Klein saw those elegant glazed dinner plates and silver knives and forks, he couldn’t help but secretly marveled. He felt that the Wood family, which was just a middle-class family, was too luxurious.
“If he is so rich, then why does Chris have to prepare for the wedding for a few more years?” He thought of what his sister had said in confusion, “Well, maybe it is just to accumulate such tableware that he has to prepare for a few more years, right?” For such a family, dignity is very important.”
While his thoughts were swirling, Klein picked up a porcelain plate, came to the dining table, and forked a piece of barbecue covered with honey.
At this moment, Elizabeth, who had cute baby fat on her face, came closer, looked at the food, and whispered:
“It turns out you are Melissa’s brother. Thank you. Selena likes the amulet I gave her very much. She said she felt healthy as soon as she put it on.”
Selena’s Amulet Klein suddenly remembered the reason why the girl beside him chose the amulet in the first place:
/A birthday gift for a friend who loves the occult
That friend is Selena. Selena likes things in the mysterious field. Klein frowned slightly and smiled politely:
“That migh