n’t care, where are the disciples and disciples? If you haven’t picked up all the power of the avenue, are you going to give it to the group of young quasi-sages from Source No. 3? You are committing a crime, sorry for future generations, and are criminals of history!”

However, the voting results are not optimistic. The side of Source No. 1 is quite divided, with some external saints, evil gods, evil spirits, etc. standing on the opposite side.
The main thing is that all the original saints are gone and have gone on an expedition, but they have not shown up yet. That is the main force of Source No. 1.
/If Fei Ge and Cheng were suppressed, and the true saints who followed them still agreed with them, then it would appear to be even more divided.
Mamoru watched silently, but he didn’t have any worries in his heart. So what if it really merged? The ancestors are back, I am really not afraid of any cruel competition!
Furthermore, there is also a junior brother who is the True King!
Today, he finally found out which people were not very reliable, so he might as well kick them out as soon as possible.
Moreover, the saints have returned, and there are currently disputes with the evil gods, outer saints, etc. in the dojo. Now some people take the initiative to jump up, and they will naturally be the target of education when they turn around.
The final result was as expected. In Local No. 2, the powerful Yun Ling and others secretly transmitted messages one by one and took the lead in voting, with almost no opposition. In addition, some of the supreme beings that split off from Source No. 1 generally agreed to accept Source No. 3.
At the beginning of the second half of the meeting, Danengzheng, Qianju, Yuan, Jinlingwang and others from Source No. 3 were invited over, and it was quite grand.
A group of people from local No. 2, as well as foreign saints, evil gods from source No. 1, etc., all stood up to greet him and gave him a very high standard of courtesy.
“We will be a family from now on, hahaha.” Lupo Dangmeng Yunling smiled, not sure if it was against his will.
Naturally, some people at Source No. 1 did not stand up, including Wang Xuan. They suddenly looked very conspicuous.
“Well, why are you here? Is this a place where you can come?!” The True Sage of Time Heaven noticed Wang Xuan, and his expression suddenly changed slightly.
The main thing is that as a true king, Wang Xuan sat there and didn’t want to attract attention. He was really not outstanding. Even many true saints ignored him at first.
Wang Xuan said: “What are you shouting for? I am naturally qualified to sit here. You, on the other hand, are so eager to grovel. I think you are in the wrong place. You should go directly to Mainland No. 3.”
“Presumptuous, what are you talking about? Even if you become a new saint, didn’t your elders, your previous parents, teach you to respect your elders?” Shichuan said coldly.
However, his heart was beating wildly. How many years had passed before this little kid actually became a true saint? It’s so damn s