arby. After a simple meal, the two of them drove to “Mashiqiao”.

Wei Renwu stood on the roadside of “Mashiqiao”, where Yang Xi was involved in a car accident, stretched his body, looked up to the sky and shouted: “Let us review the case that day again.”
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/ 6. Bottleneck
“First of all, the driver who caused the accident drove to the ‘Mashiqiao’ intersection.” Wei Renwu said while standing at the intersection and pointing to the traffic light parking area.
“When he was about to pass the intersection, a strong light suddenly hit him.” Wei Renwu pointed to a place in the east. “It was afternoon, the sun should be setting in the west, and the sunlight should be coming from the west at this time, but the driver’s However, the eyes were pierced by the sun, indicating that this was man-made. A person held a lens that could reflect the sun and accurately projected the sun onto the driver’s eyes, causing the driver’s temporary visual impairment.”
Yue Ming, who was standing behind Wei Renwu, asked: “So, how long will it take for this visual impairment to recover?”
Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said: “It is a relatively small-scale visual stabbing. It only takes about ten seconds to recover. In other words, within ten seconds, he threw the ‘Minion’ doll on the street. The center attracts little girls.”
/Yue Ming questioned: “Is ten seconds enough?”
Wei Renwu nodded and said, “We have enough time. We can run from the roadside to the middle of the street in three or four seconds at most.”
Yue Ming asked again: “Then how can the ‘Death’ judge that the driver will definitely hit the ‘White Tiger’?”
Wei Renwu stood where Yang Xi was at that time and said: “When ‘White Tiger’ first arrived here, he looked around as if he was looking for something, but when we caught up and shouted, he never looked around again. , and laughed at us confidently, which means that he found the thing. But after he found the thing, he never left this position. It is very likely that the thing reminded him not to move. This is the ‘God of Death’ It provides a great convenience. As long as the ‘White Tiger’ doesn’t move, he is a living target. The ‘Death’ only needs to control the direction of the car to realize this plan. The direction of the car is actually very easy to control. The position where the doll appears , that is, the position where the little girl will appear, and the position of the little girl will also be the position where the car turns. When the driver saw the little girl, he must have been very panicked, and he would definitely hit a plate on the roadside. If the doll dies, then the driving route can be completely mastered. In short, you only need to accurately throw the doll in the right position, and you can successfully cause the car to crash into the ‘White Tiger’.”
Wei Renwu finished talking about the entire process of the “God of Death” murdering the “White Tiger”, with a sense of pride on his lips, as if everything was under