ong bow in his hand, and the other is a turtle man wearing a turtle shell.

Most of the attention of these two high-level Holy Spirits were on each other, but until this moment, they finally discovered something “wrong” with Li Lian, that is, his injuries had been completely healed, while Lyfeimus was completely healed. After disappearing, the two of them were shocked and immediately stopped walking. At the same time, the male elf subconsciously drew his bow and shot an arrow, and a green light arrow shot straight towards Li Lian’s chest.
(It cannot be resisted with the Absolute Immortal Sword. There is no extra soul obsession and standard energy on it. Otherwise, its power will explode and I may be sucked to death.)
Li Lian clearly looked at the trajectory of the green light arrow, but at this moment his body was still numb and the distance was so close that he only had time to subconsciously stretch out the left hand that was not holding the Juexian Sword. The needle-like fighting energy in his body was immediately activated by him, and a light shield of fighting energy was immediately condensed with the palm of his hand as the center.
But what he saw not only overturned his thoughts, but even made him and the Turtles think that they were dreaming!
As soon as the green arrow touched the Dou Qi light shield in Li Lian’s hand, it immediately shattered like dust, and then turned into a breeze. Even the Dou Qi shield in Li Lian’s hand didn’t even flash, as if he hadn’t just flashed. Instead of attacking with his true name’s natural weapon, he simply threw out a branch.
“No, it’s impossible. What kind of fighting spirit is this! What kind of legend is this!” The male elf immediately stood there stupidly. In fact, if it weren’t for the face-to-face battle at this moment, he would probably face him. Shoot an arrow and see.
/The turtle man was still alert. His eyes twitched fiercely a few times, and then a bright red appeared on his face as if he had been drunk. His whole person began to retreat crazily at a speed that was not suitable for his body type, and even He didn’t even dare to say a single word.
(It turns out that this is a problem of control.)
/Li Lian suddenly squeezed the fighting spirit shield in his hand hard. As he squeezed the fighting spirit shield, the fighting spirit shield immediately transformed into various forms like mud, a rabbit, an eagle, a bear, and a short tiger. In just a few seconds, the ball of fighting spirit in Li Lian’s hands naturally transformed into various forms according to his thoughts, and the ball of fighting spirit did not dissipate at all, and every bit of it was retained in him. In the hand, this feeling of micro-control is really amazing.
Li Lian also felt the arrow that was shot at him just now. Yes, it was also the energy form transformed by the “qi” in the body, but this energy form seemed to be more solid and stronger than the quality of Dou Qi. A lot, that’s why the golden fighting energy kept destroying his body, making it impossible for his body to hea