s passed straight over his head.

Ray magic rarely misses, and Hull couldn’t help but feel lucky that he was lucky. It seemed that the savages were also caught off guard, and their magic was a little slower than his escape.
But he stopped laughing soon, because a few green or red streams of fire rushed out of the door, turned around and flew towards him.
/Those were acid bombs and fire bombs. At that moment, he had actually been locked on. Once these things locked on the target, they would track and guide them until they hit the target.
In his hurry, he accidentally grabbed a tree. He was originally flying down, but was gently carried by the tree and suddenly turned ninety degrees. Some of the few flashes of fire passed him by. , and some simply hit the tree.
In the blink of an eye, there were dots of starlight all around. The green ones were acid mist beads, and the red ones were scattered sparks. These were not explosive flames after all. As long as they were not hit directly, the damage would be very limited.
But for him at the moment, the most important thing was to escape.
But escaping also requires skills. If he fled down the mountain now, he would be seeking death. His goal was too obvious. The only correct choice was to escape into the crowd.
Hull plunged into the village, with criss-crossing dim yellow lights everywhere above his head – “Paralysis Ray”. This kind of magic is not afraid of accidental damage. Even if it hits one of his own people, he can at most lie on the ground and sleep, but this kind of magic is not afraid of accidental damage. The deadly ray is a huge trouble for Hull.
Suddenly a “paralysis ray” shot straight towards him, and this time there was no way to avoid it.
The person who fired the “paralysis ray” was actually a child. Hel regretted it very much. He actually forgot that all the people living in this village were magicians.
But he was stunned immediately, because after being hit by the “paralysis ray”, he only felt his muscles were slightly numb, and there was nothing uncomfortable at all.
In his hurry, he didn’t forget to take a look at the child. He was a boy of about fourteen or five years old, and he didn’t look very good. Hel kicked the child away.
However, his actions obviously made the old, weak, women and children around him suddenly wake up, and in an instant, a magical light shone around them.
Hull shouted, rushed into a nearby house, stepped on the wall and flew up, then rushed through the hay roof and jumped onto the ridge.
Since it was too dangerous down there, he stepped on the roof and flew quickly.
Just as he made up his mind, a purple light shrouded him. It was the Slowness Technique. A large piece of Slowness Technique shrouded him. This magic, like the “Paralysis Ray”, was also a non-lethal magic.
Hull immediately felt that his speed had slowed down. The slowness spell was actually effective. However, the slowness spell did not make him slow down like a snail. It just offset the “acceleration spell” effect that he had on him.
/Being hit by the slow