uldn’t help but gasped, “Good guy, this sharp aura is like the essence of the frontier army.”

uldn’t help but gasped, “Good guy, this sharp aura is like the essence of the frontier army.”
In his mouth, this was considered a very high compliment, but it was not. Strangely, although the equestrian skills of these five hundred cavalry were a little poor, their tactical literacy and cultivation were quite good.
However, infantry can also set up such a military formation. If cavalry is used, although it will be more powerful, if the riding skills are not good, it will inevitably lose its agility.
The blood slave was suddenly attacked. His body turned violently in the air, and with an incredible movement, he forcefully turned around and avoided this huge energy.
The sharp attack cross-section was almost twenty feet in diameter, and it was able to avoid it with just its movement.
“Shoot!” The next moment, hundreds of long arrows were shot at the blood slave, including many armor-piercing Taoist arrows.
/The blood slave turned around and avoided the shot again, which was simply jaw-dropping.
“Good guy,” Ji Qiang saw this and his eyes almost bulged out of his sockets, “How did you practice this movement technique?” This
is not something that ordinary cultivators can practice at all. The blood demon’s racial talent in this area is even greater than that of Li Yongsheng. Everyone is envious.
The cavalry team of Dong Daying made some countermeasures, but they never expected that not only would they encounter a real person, but also a real person with extremely abnormal physical skills.
If the equestrian skills are not superb enough, the military formation will lose its agility. If the military formation loses its agility, it will be a disaster when faced with a real person with strange movement skills!
The leader of the cavalry was still waiting to give orders, but that flash of red had already crashed into the cavalry, and immediately after, there were screams of pain and blood splattered everywhere.
The cavalry were now passive. Not only did they have to resist the real person, but they also had to prevent the opponent’s knight from sneaking up from behind.
Seeing this, the leader made a decisive decision, “Team D, please take the rear, and the others will run away in groups of ten!”
Seeing them running like crazy, the pursuers behind them couldn’t hold their breath, and some of them were Team D, who cooperated with the blood slaves to kill the rear guard – it was a team of 100 people. Others rode in hot pursuit, even Yongle and Tonghe’s soldiers were no exception.
However, they pursued in a slightly more organized manner, pursuing from both sides rather than from directly behind.
After chasing him, someone raised a long spear with a black tip. Other comrades gradually noticed him.
This was a pre-arranged agreement between Yongle and Tonghe’s soldiers. The black spear pointed out to ask everyone to obey.
There are six such gun heads in total. Yongle and Tonghe each have three, and they are in the hands of six people.
They made this agreement not to give orders to everyone in terms o