More than 10,000 yuan is nothing to Mr. Xu, and Mr. Xu is very unhappy about being cheated.

More than 10,000 yuan is nothing to Mr. Xu, and Mr. Xu is very unhappy about being cheated.
“What day did it happen?”
Where did he go and where did he live in the intervening seventeen days? Han Bo thought for a moment and then asked: “Mr. Xu, is the surveillance video in the company? If so, I want to see it. .”
“Here, it’s in my office, stored in the computer, Detachment Han, please.”
Follow him into the office building, go to the luxuriously decorated boss’s office on the fourth floor, sit on his boss’s chair, and stand behind him. Tian Guogang watched the surveillance video together.
Mr. Xu pulled up the video and hurriedly asked someone to make tea. While inviting Lao Tian and police station police officer Lao Ding to smoke, he warmly invited everyone to have dinner together later.
/“Don’t be so polite. There’s no need. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future.”
As soon as Han Bo took the business card from his hand, Xia Zhantian happened to appear on the LCD monitor. The time in the upper right corner showed 7:55 am on the 9th.
He walked into the factory with his head hanging down. It took about 20 seconds from the time he appeared to the time he entered the blind spot of the surveillance. His facial features were clear and his face had no expression. He paused when he was about to enter the gate. It must be that the security guard was not very familiar with him, so he stood in the communication room and asked. ask.
“The left arm doesn’t move, and the right arm swings freely. If nothing happens to Detachment Han, his left arm was fractured before coming in.” ”
It looks weird.”
Han Bo nodded and smiled: “Mr. Xu, that’s it. One section?”
“Also, let me adjust it for you. This is when the two people came, they were talking about compensation in the communication room, and this is when they left. There are four sections in total.” ”
No, I didn’t expect this. ”
“It’s okay, I’m just asking.”
It’s not easy to have four surveillance videos. Judging from their body shape and hairstyle, the two guys who came over to argue were the two guys who argued with Xia Zhantian in People’s Square that night.
He is in his twenties, with clear facial features and obvious facial features, especially short, with a “pig kidney face” and a face full of acne.
Mr. Guan Xu borrowed a mobile hard drive and copied the surveillance video to the workshop.
It was confirmed that Xia Zhantian went to the toilet as soon as he got to work. When he came out of the toilet, a master asked him to go to the southeast corner of the workshop where there was no one at the time to move raw materials. Unexpectedly, he said “Ouch”. When the master looked back, he fell to the ground with a bundle of wood in his arms. He had a pained expression on his face and said his arm hurt.
There were no witnesses. Judging from the way the master worker imitated him when he fell to the ground, it seemed that the fall was a bit strange. The ground was not slippery, the wood was not heavy, and what the master worker asked him to