o In the middle of the night, there was the sound of rustling snow seeds falling on the windowsill and the ground.

Many people were woken up by the cold in the middle of the night. It seems that winter in the Shivering World is coming. Players and survivors will face new problems. In the days to come, they may not only have to face zombie attacks that may come at any time, but also other teams. attack, and also have to face the test of severe cold.
Compared with those players and survivors who are still living outside, these people in the prison are lucky. There is enough food in the prison, and they can move it back to the secret warehouse at any time to replenish it.
There were still a large number of cold-proof clothes and quilts in the secret warehouse. After the weather suddenly turned cold, the transport team made several trips between the secret warehouse and the prison and delivered a large amount of clothes and quilts, temporarily putting the cold and midnight quilts at ease. The problem of waking up from the cold is solved.
“It’s not charged yet?” Zhang Shengli often saw Liu Gan sitting on the roof of the highest building in the prison, with a handheld computer with a solar panel open next to him, but he had never turned it on. The handheld computer must have some special meaning to Liu Qian.
“No, the solar panel is too small, and the computer requires too much power to run. Although it can charge a little bit of electricity under cloudy light, the light intensity is too weak. After charging for so many days, it just turns on the computer and does not enter the system. It drained all the power.” Liu Qian shook his head.
“Can’t you try to connect another external power supply? Several of the newly recruited team members know electronic technology.” Zhang Shengli gave Liu Qian a few suggestions.
/“I checked with them, and they said that this thing has an integrated structure, the circuit design is very complicated, and it uses encrypted packaging technology, and there are no labels or instructions. I can’t understand it at all, and I don’t dare to power it up casually for experiments. Any random attempts may burn the chips inside.” Liu Gan shook his head.
“Is there very important information stored in it?” Zhang Shengli looked curious.
/“Well, what I got from a staff member of Sanyu Company is related to whether we can teleport back to the real world.” Liu Gan looked in the direction of Qingpu Port. If the sky continues to be cloudy like this, this handheld computer may only be able to It can only be opened again after getting the main city space laboratory.
“Then don’t try randomly.” Zhang Shengli heard that the information was so important, so he didn’t dare to suggest anything casually.
“Why did you come to see me?” Liu Qian asked Zhang Shengli.
“Regarding the construction of the prison camp, I want to hold a plenary meeting to brainstorm and brainstorm. I would like to invite Mr. Liu to come and listen together. I wonder if Mr. Liu has free time?” Zhang Shengli invited Liu Qian.