All the jade elders worked together, and then they heard the cracking sound of muscles and bones breaking. Each of the created bodies spurted blood from their eyes, ears, mouth and nose, and each of them suffered heavy injuries.

Elder Yu’s real body was shocked. He didn’t care about hiding his real body, and immediately pushed it out with both palms to help those created bodies to fight against Xu Ying’s magical powers.
As soon as this creation cave abyss emerged, his cultivation level immediately increased again, forming a crushing force on Elder Jade.
/Some of Elder Jade’s created bodies were completely severed by the huge force of his hands and legs, some had their waists bent backwards, with their heads touching the soles of their feet, some spiraled into the sky, and were turned into twists by the spinning power, and some were crushed. The thunder and fire exploded, some were corroded by the sunflower water, and some were burned to ashes!
There are all kinds of ways to die, in all kinds of ways.
Elder Jade’s real body was also seriously injured, with blood bleeding from the corner of his mouth, and he staggered back. He was shocked and angry. Only a few days had passed, and Xu Ying’s cultivation and magic power were superior to his!
Not to mention him, Xu Ying actually practiced the same Creation Mysterious Technique as him, and practiced this technique to an extremely high level!
In just a few days, Xu Ying had perfected the Xuan Gong of Creation, and it seemed that he had been promoted to either the fifth or sixth heaven of the Dao Realm!
“However, if you don’t have Huan Hua, you can’t get the essence of the Xuan Gong of Creation!”
He mobilized his soul with all his strength to meet the promised magical powers.
The ancient god’s soul collided with Xu Ying’s palm power, and a vast and profound will followed the soul and attacked Xu Ying. It was the ancient god’s will.
When Xu Ying faced off against Cang Jue last time, he realized that the ancient god Yuan Shen trained by Cang Jue’s Five Candle Burning Heaven Technique also hid a terrifying ancient god’s will.
/Elder Yu’s cultivation level is not as good as Xu Ying’s, and his magical powers are not as sophisticated as the Eight Immortal Techniques. The only thing that can defeat Xu Ying now is the will of the ancient god.
This will has been noticed since the beginning of his practice of the Xuan Gong of Creation. After this technique is transformed, he can temper his will to become stronger and stronger, so powerful that it can even affect reality!
His Taoism and cultivation can’t defeat Xu Ying, but the ancient god’s will can definitely obliterate Xu Ying’s will. By then, this little barbarian’s will will be destroyed, and he will have no choice but to be slaughtered by himself!
Xu Ying remained calm in the face of danger, and the overwhelming murderous intention surged out, turning into the unparalleled Immortal Killing Sword Intent at his fingertips, and rushed out against the will of the ancient god Yuan Shen.
This sword was as powerfu