n the air.

However, the False Bullhead is not a human being after all. The order it received was to smooth over any obstacles along the way, and it did so faithfully. It surged all the way, and every step it took was tens of meters away, and the place it stepped on was Place, the ground suddenly exploded, as if there was a small bomb on the ground. Just like this, it rushed out with unprecedented momentum. In just eight or nine seconds, it had already rushed into the infantry array. It punched the ground, and the entire ground suddenly exploded. A huge crater with a diameter of seven to eight meters and a depth of five to six meters appeared under its punch, and all the skeletons within dozens of meters around were shattered. , Kudu turned into standard energy, but the pseudo-Nutou did not stop after punching out, then took a few steps forward, and then punched away
Pei Jiao and Yang Dingtian just looked at it dumbfounded and couldn’t come back to their senses for several minutes. Although they had already guessed that this fake bull head would be very fierce. After all, just looking at this outfit, he was really a violent person. , but who knew that this fake bull head is not only very fierce, but also very fierce! Even with true demon level strength, the ability to destroy an array of more than 3,000 skeleton infantry so easily is already extremely exaggerated, and looking at the appearance of the bull head, it seems that it has not tried its best. This is really too much. A bit too exaggerated.
/“As expected, he is indeed a ghost of the bull-headed tribe. When we met the devil-level bull-head in Fengdu in fantasy, it spread thousands of meters with one punch. Even those true devil-level ghosts couldn’t withstand the punch. I heard that the bull head is a ghost without any illusions or special skills. It only has brute strength. But it is this brute force that makes it as famous as the horse face. You can imagine how strong this bull head is. It is really strong. .” When Pei Jiao said this, his whole body trembled with excitement. He felt as if he had goosebumps all over his body. It was such a surprise that he couldn’t recover for a while.
/My initial understanding was that although this pseudo-tauren was a real demon-level ghost and indeed had an aura, but as a ghost that was a natural weapon with its soul condensed, it might be innately different from other ghosts. Well, maybe this true demon level strength is just a half-hearted understanding, so Pei Jiao chose the north and south battlefields. He didn’t just make this decision by patting his head on his head. As the leader of a team (although there are only two people at the moment), when he When making a decision, you must be careful and cautious.
The result is unexpected and satisfying. Is this fake bull head a real demon-level ghost? Even among the real demon-level ghosts, the combat power of this fake bull head can be ranked in the upper reaches. It is Fengdu’s fantasy. Earth’s unique super-powerful ghost group, the Bullhead!
Pei Jiao and Yang Dingtian