ryone is dead, who can restrain whom? At worst, the U.S. government may be reluctant to help their relatives immigrate, as it can attract talented people.

Pei Jiao could not imagine such a situation during his lifetime. Who knew that he could become a rare talent after he died? Instead, it becomes a cumulative product while alive? This is really a big joke.
/“Actually, your idea is wrong.” Jenny responded to Pei Jiao’s complaint. She said seriously: “After ordinary people die, they are usually wrapped in sins, which is the layer you see. Black breath, this is a taboo that no soul body dares to touch. Except for the escapers, they can not only escape from their own sins, but also help others escape from their sins. There are also high-end natural weapons, such as that A saber can also cut through sins, but similarly, every time a breakaway helps a soul get rid of sins, he will languish for a long time. If you use this high-end weapon to cut through sins, the character of this natural weapon will Decline, a character that could hold 500 standard energy usually drops by about 50. There are only three or four such natural weapons in the world. Who dares to be so extravagant? Therefore, the number of free souls in a soul organization is almost The strength of this organization is reflected, especially in the past two years. As more and more ghosts and demons materialize, the importance of the soul organization is becoming more and more important. Do you know? What is the task with the greatest reward within the organization? ? It is not about destroying ghosts and demons, nor is it about organizing a team to enter the fantasy land, but the escapees are trying to save a month or two of rest to rescue a free soul, and this free soul must also sign a contract with the country’s soul organization. , you must work for this organization for more than ten years.”
/Pei Jiao’s heart moved when he heard this, and he said curiously: “So, aren’t the escapees the core members of their respective soul organizations? What are their strengths?”
Jenny smiled slightly and said with an envious tone: “Aren’t you also a breakaway? According to government records, there may be one breakaway per million people. In fact, their souls are no different from ordinary people, but very few What is strange is that their will is particularly tenacious and their thoughts are as firm as iron. In addition to being able to break free from sins, they are not afraid of being possessed by ghosts and demons. Usually once ghosts and demons possess them, they will On the contrary, they can devour ghosts and demons, and what is even more enviable is that their strength is getting stronger day by day. For example, the strongest escaper in our country is said to be the strongest soul in the world. Now that he has transformed, he can even Ordinary people are exactly the same, and can lift a car with one hand. This person’s physical strength alone can already destroy many terrible ghosts and demons. We can compare there. But you are also a breakaway, maybe you can a