ckly stood up and saluted respectfully.

This Angelo Sky Knight escaped from David’s hands. The Main family came forward to resolve the previous grievances, and David would not pursue it again, so David also returned the favor.
Before David and Earl Henderson could start chatting, a table of nobles not far away had already stood up and left the bar.
This was like a weather vane. All the nobles stood up and left the bar one after another.
Among them were counts, marquises, and even a duke.
“Earl Arthur, you scared everyone away!” Earl Henderson said with a wry smile.
The Carney family is affiliated with the Main family, and recently there was news that the Main family had made friends with Earl Arthur.
This kind of friendship is not the ordinary interaction in the past, but tells all the affiliated families that Earl Arthur has become friends with the Main family, and the affiliated families need to take care of them when the time is right.
So even if David’s notoriety spread far and wide, Earl Henderson could only stay.
“Am I that terrible?” David shook his head helplessly and said.
Earl Henderson and Angelo Sky Knight both felt contempt in their hearts. Not to mention the previous annihilation of the Bama family, the recent assassination of two law enforcement Sky Knights in the law enforcement team of the main city of Bama was anyone’s guess. It was Earl Arthur’s doing.
Even if there is no evidence, all the nobles still think so.
With the disappearance of Bernal Sky Knight of the Noble Affairs Office, some news will inevitably come out.
There are no secrets in the aristocratic circle. For example, Bernal Sky Knight took advantage of his position to recommend Earl Arthur to the War Temple, which caused dissatisfaction with the Main family. The nobles who knew about this immediately compared it with The disappearances of the other two law enforcement sky knights are connected, and it is not difficult to find a connection.
For a noble family that does not have a fifth-level Templar, Earl Arthur, who can assassinate two law enforcement sky knights in the law enforcement team in a short period of time, is definitely a person that cannot be messed with.
Earl Arthur is regarded as a dangerous person by many nobles. Naturally, his appearance in the bar will make the nobles lose their voice and make them leave.
“Earl Henderson, how many nobles will come this time and how much fighting power will they have?” David asked curiously.
With the familiar Earl of Henderson around, David naturally asked the question.
/“The number of nobles recruited at a time will not exceed one hundred, to be precise, it should be a maximum of ninety-nine nobles. This is an agreement reached between the nobles and the temple. Nobles cannot be recruited without limit.
/As for combat power, one-third of the nobles will lead sky knights, and there are about forty sky knights. As for the earth knights, there are more, about four hundred! ” Earl Henderson replied with a smile.
David couldn’t help but click his tongue. It was said that