t Mr. Hudson was the greediest vampire suddenly lowered his head in shame. It is so undeserved. How can you criticize the most generous lord in the world?

Although everyone has been busy all year after following Mr. Hudson, the food standards are also rising!
If you eat well, you will naturally spend a lot of money. It’s okay to work a little more.
Besides, the work in the fields is limited after all. Land reclamation is nothing new. Everyone has heard of the memories passed down orally from the older generation.
The noble master’s territory is not unlimited. Anyway, he will only be busy for a few years. When the land is cultivated, he will naturally be able to relax.
Everyone yearns for a better life, and Hudson, who succeeded in painting the cake, quickly calmed the turbulent hearts of the serfs.
Everyone is thinking about a better life in the future. It’s just that they subconsciously forgot that the size of Master Hudson’s territory was obviously abnormal.
These are all minor problems, and the extra food will be distributed later, which will be enough to appease everyone’s dissatisfaction.
In this regard, Hudson is definitely not stingy. The more he distributes to his younger brothers, the more he, the boss, will get.
Not only the serfs were given cakes, but also the miners and blacksmiths on the mountain received similar incentive “cakes”.
As long as the task is exceeded, the rewards will be huge. As for the difficulty of the task, as long as the “pie” is enough, is it still a problem?
The only ones who couldn’t win were probably the orc slaves. Even after months of training, only a few orcs have mastered a few simple words.
There is no way to give an example. Although the IQ of animals is not very good, once they become monsters, their IQ will rise steadily.
Just look at the bears you raise at home and you will know that their IQ is definitely far higher than that of humans of the same age.
The little bear, who is less than three years old, can actually command people to milk cows and sheep, and can also fake orders from Hudson to ask soldiers to find honey for it.
In the end, there was no other way. In order to satisfy the cubs’ food rations, the mountain territories had to start beekeeping.
He went to raise bees without any experience or technical reserves. Even Hudson admired his courage.
Fortunately, you don’t need to do it yourself, otherwise you won’t be able to see the honey, and the bees will become extinct first.
In fact, the situation is similar. Master Hudson is inexperienced, and the serfs below are equally inexperienced. Everyone is accustomed to eating wild honey and has no idea of ​​beekeeping.
But due to the appetite of the cub, I had to start from scratch and slowly accumulate experience in practice.
If it succeeds, a new industry will be added; if it fails, it will just be a waste of labor, and the “bear” will be responsible for paying the salary anyway.
/This is a special cooperation model that Hudson figured out after constant contact with the cubs and summing up coun