y to create unique characters and interesting events. Now that I think about it, before Xiao Ke was promoted to “Secret Puppet Master”, I did quite well. After that, I was busy buttoning up. There were too many things to write, and it was basically a revisit to the old place. Chengqian omitted it, which was relatively urgent.

I think many people say that my outline is very detailed. In fact, that is not the case. What I detail is the various settings. The outline is often about what the theme of the book is, what structure it should be written in, which threads will be pulled over, and what needs to be done. What new foreshadowings should be set, what suspenses should be developed, and then it is free to play. After one story is over, the details of the next story should be thought of. With hundreds of thousands of words of content, it is necessary to think out every plot in advance. It is not only a waste of time, but also It’s very dull, because if you don’t actually write it out, you really have no way of knowing what the plot will be like or how to pick it up later, and new inspiration will often burst out during the writing process.
/Friends who have read my previous novels should all know that the passages in the dungeons of Destruction of Luck and Arcana can be said to be dry, rough, and not very attractive. The former is better at the explosion at the end of the dungeon. As for the latter, I After thinking about it carefully, I found that the part about the interpretation of dreams and the part about bragging about God’s power in the New World were more interesting, but the others were not very good.
In the first life, many copies have expanded into a world with the help of the infinite flow architecture. They can be slowly written, introduced, and laid out, and often have companions around. Relatively speaking, the attraction is much higher, but alone Several copies of the game, such as the Zhenwu Suspicious Tomb, still have problems of being dry and rough, relying on suspense to hold on.
/Based on my experience, I first decided on the two points of “suspense” and “companion”, and based on my experience before the mystery and during the writing process, I also decided on the point of “interesting”, but I always felt that it was still a little lacking.
Later, I remembered that when I was chatting with Douzi before, I found that our creative methods were different. I first wanted to tell such a story and a world view, and then I finalized a few distinctive main characters based on the story and background, and then slowly Slowly adding new ones, he first thought about the interesting people, and then decided what kind of stories would happen when these people meet, travel together, and have grudges.
Although I have been adhering to my own creative ideas, I have also been slowly incorporating some of his experiences. Therefore, I was wondering if I could change “companions” to “characters” in the dungeon to create some unique and interesting people. , let them collide together, develop some stories, enrich