was not gossip at all, but behavioral psychological analysis.

“No matter how much feminism is promoted and demonstrated, in fact, when girls lack respect and admiration for their male partners in daily life, their relationships are prone to crisis. Miao Yingying does not think that gaming talent is worthy of respect and admiration, but She admires Gao Dewei.” Of course Liu Changan could tell, “Although she didn’t think she was in love with Gao Dewei, admiration can easily be converted into love.”
“Why didn’t I see that Miao Yingying admired Gao Dewei?” An Nuan didn’t have this kind of vision.
“Many people can only accept criticism, teasing and ridicule from those they recognize, and it is easy for them to feel that their own self-esteem can be tolerated. You see, Gao Dewei often describes Miao Yingying in a fair way. Miao Yingying and Gao Dewei quarreled, and it was not She would be really angry, but Lin Xinhuai makes her angry easily.” Liu Changan smiled slightly, “This is a direct manifestation of not putting Lin Xinhuai on the same level of respect as Gao Dewei. It is not because she and Lin Xinhuai are boyfriend and girlfriend. So you can feel angry easily.”
“Do I also admire you?” An Nuan looked at Liu Changan with great suspicion, “You often mock me too! I don’t even want to be angry with you!”
“Yes, even if we are boyfriend and girlfriend, if you don’t admire me, if I ridicule you during our daily conversations, you will be really angry.” Liu Changan nodded.
“I’ll let you!” An Nuan felt that even if Liu Changan said Miao Yingying was reasonable, An Nuan was An Nuan. An Nuan snorted, “You are bullied by me every day, and you are not powerful at all.”
“Then I’ll let you worship me.”
An Nuan’s eyes were shining brightly, and she looked at Liu Changan’s back expectantly, and hurriedly followed him with small steps.
Liu Changan ran with An Nuan for a long time, and there were beads of sweat on An Nuan’s forehead. As he looked around, his feet were put together and he jumped up and down.
Liu Changan saw a singer who was singing. He had a guitar hanging around his neck, a microphone in front of him, and a mobile phone broadcasting live. There was a large QR code in front of him for passers-by to join him.
This is the standard for busking nowadays. It would be too pure if the busking is not broadcast live.
Liu Changan scanned fifty yuan and said to the singer, “Brother, can I lend you your equipment and do you a favor?”
The singer glanced in front of An Nuan, who finally stopped jumping around and showed a slightly shy smile.
“Okay, but I want to live broadcast.” The singer took the mobile phone and the live broadcast stand. This kind of thing always attracts attention, and the audience also likes to watch.
/“no problem.”
All happy.
Liu Changan borrowed the guitar, hung it around his neck, and plucked the strings.
“Look, everyone, this guy is getting ready to be romantic. His moves are professional.” The singer turned to An Nuan during the live broadcast, “This is a super beauty, how could I say yes?