ning beauty inside the cold armor. In his imagination, the armor should contain some kind of strange and terrifying alien creature.

ning beauty inside the cold armor. In his imagination, the armor should contain some kind of strange and terrifying alien creature.
“Go find some work clothes for us to change into. It’s not good to keep your guests waiting for too long.” Liu Qian urged Wei Liang a few more words.
“I’ll do it right away!” Wei Liang quickly left the cabin and went to look for clothes himself.
As Liu Qian and Wei Liang were talking here, everyone else in the laboratory over there had already gathered in the middle hall and stood respectfully in front of Peng Xuetao.
“Eh? You have quite a few beauties here!” Peng Xuetao looked over Sunina’s whole body and revealed a lewd smile. Then he looked at the other female staff members. Although these were not as beautiful as Sunina, their looks and figures were pretty good among the female experimenters he had seen.
Sunina, who appeared here, was dressed in formal laboratory clothes, and her expression was not as frivolous as in Liu Qian’s dream. After seeing Peng Xuetao’s lewd eyes, she frowned slightly, obviously she hated this fat man from the bottom of her heart. .
Peng Xuetao was still eating and drinking at this time, but his mind had partly shifted to these female experimenters. He called two female experimenters to wait on him to eat and drink, and then asked Sunina and several other female experiments The people stood in a row opposite the coffee table.
“You guys will do a striptease for me, you come first.” Peng Xuetao pointed to one of the female experimenters.
The female experimenter had an embarrassed look on her face. They were not prostitution girls in that kind of place, and they couldn’t do such a thing in front of so many colleagues.
“You dare to disobey my order?” Peng Xuetao frowned.
The female experimenter looked at Peng Xuetao with her whole body trembling. She put her hands on the buttons of her white coat and glanced around. However, she still couldn’t bear the humiliation and embarrassment of taking off her clothes in public in the hall, so she remained motionless. .
/“Go! Bite her to death!” Peng Xuetao patted the head of the robot dog next to him and pointed at the female experimenter.
The robot dog immediately rushed over as fast as lightning, opened its iron mouth and fangs, and bit the female experimenter’s neck with great precision. After the upper and lower steel jaws came together, it immediately bit off the female experimenter’s entire neck and her head. Gululu rolled to the ground, the blood in his neck shot out like a fountain, and his body fell limply to the ground.
This sudden tragic scene caused everyone present to scream. They were all stunned and looked at Peng Xuetao who was sitting there drinking wine with great fear.
“Does anyone else dare to disobey my order? You! Do a striptease for me! Now!” Peng Xuetao pointed to another female experimenter next to Sunina.
The female experimenter was so frightened that her face was filled with tears. Having learned from the past, she did not dare to disobey Peng Xuetao’s instructions an