up and down.

Zhou Shuling came over and wiped it for him, pulled the hem, and couldn’t help but feel a little surprised, “Why did I compare it with your clothes? This size should be right. It seems that I saved my needle and thread.”
“Didn’t you knit it yourself?” Liu Changan asked.
Zhou Shuling shook her head and said, “Let me knit you another one. My hands and feet are faster now.”
“Then I’ll give you this one.” Liu Changan took off his clothes.
“Then it will be too big for me.” Zhou Shuling said with some regret.
“It won’t be big tomorrow.”
“You’ll know tomorrow.” Liu Changan waved his hand casually, “Go up and bring me the knitting needle.”
Zhou Dongdong actively went upstairs and took down the knitting needle.
Zhou Shuling was a little confused, what was he going to do? Could he still change his sweater? How is that possible? As a grown man, Liu Changan is not the kind of person who is interested in the things that women like to do.
She had seen Liu Changan designing clothes and cutting fabrics, but that was somewhat different from knitting sweaters. After all, many tailors were men, but there were far fewer men knitting sweaters.
The most important thing is that he said that he would know tomorrow, so it would not be possible to change the sweater. One night would not be enough.
As expected, the sweater has been made smaller, with the waist, shoulders and other areas gathered in. The arms have been removed, and the removed wool is probably used to weave exquisite and complicated flowers into the clothes.
One night passed, Liu Changan was wearing a sweater that was too small, and Zhou Shuling was wearing a wool skirt that just fit.
After a few gestures, it felt just right. Zhou Shuling was so happy.
“Take it back and knit something suitable for me.” Liu Changan walked out of the kitchen, looked at Zhou Shuling and smiled, “Don’t feel that your skills are not good, don’t compare with me, compare with me. Everyone has to feel inferior.”
“I don’t want to compete with you.” Zhou Shuling took the sweater and was so happy that she went upstairs to show off to Zhou Dongdong.
Liu Changan started making breakfast this morning. He made rice noodles and then called Shangguan Dandan to come up for breakfast.
“There are meat buns to eat today.” Shangguan Dandan looked forward to it casually, but he didn’t object to the rice noodles prepared by Liu Changan. The thinly sliced ??and chewy meat inside was quite delicious.
/“This fat rice roll is not bad.” Zhou Shuling, who was wearing a red sweater skirt, wanted to invent a new dish again.
/“It’s delicious! I want to give Lu Si’en some.” Zhou Dongdong went to feed the dog after eating.
“Fat intestines?” Shangguan Dandan looked at Liu Changan warily.
“It’s the pig intestines from yesterday.” Liu Chang’an explained kindly, “I was worried that you thought it wouldn’t look good, so I cut it into tiny pieces so that you couldn’t see it.”
Shangguan Dandan took a few steps back in fear and pressed her hand against the TV in front of the wall before stopping