nd hatred itself are merging with each other.

It’s like the fusion between Song Qingxi’s true spirit and the cruel memory of death.
Then, Chu Weiyang’s extremely soft soul sound sounded.
“Okay, let me help you.”
/In the open sea, the coastline can be seen from a distance, but there is no place that is so close.
It is also the edge of this narrow and bloody battlefield closest to the sea.
At a certain moment, a vague spiritual light suddenly appeared. Suddenly, a thin young man wearing a Qiankun robe suddenly appeared in the thick and hazy blood mist.
Perhaps because he was too remote, the blood in the mist and rain around the Taoist body was already very thin. When he looked at it, the thick gray-black color that was originally water vapor was even heavier.
And in the same vein as his own vaguely escaping light, is the Taoist’s darker cultivation Qi.
At this moment, he was standing there, but it seemed as if he was standing in some ethereal metaphysical concept, and then a hazy silhouette of his body was reflected in the real world.
The fault is that there is a hazy halo of light hanging on the back of the Taoist’s head, which may even be ignored by others, even his own cultivation level in the elixir realm.
From beginning to end, it was extremely silent.
And such silence, falling in this thick blood mist, falling in the colorful glow that alternates in the narrow battlefield covered with thick blood mist, is an inconspicuous change.
The death of all the blood descendants of a tribe, the death of a stunning genius and the unparalleled evildoer in hatred, even the death of a great demon at the golden elixir level, and even the death of an elder of the great religion, are all reflected in this bloody world. It has become a frequent occurrence on the battlefield.
No one would care about the sudden appearance or disappearance of a monk in the elixir realm on this battlefield.
Standing in such a thin blood mist, Chu Weiyang was also very satisfied with this undisturbed situation and strange tranquility, which seemed like all the noise, fighting, and all the struggling with all his strength in this world. , none of them have anything to do with Chu Weiyang Qing.
The strange tranquility amidst the commotion.
But Chu Weiyang was ready to break this strange tranquility in his own way.
Looking around, in an instant, nine folds of talismans and seal loops were nested layer by layer, and the Supreme Eye Technique penetrated the fog. After that, after taking in all the latest changes in this battlefield, Chu Weiyang quietly turned himself around again. His figure moved slightly closer to the sea.
The next moment, Chu Weiyang slightly raised the Wu Yun Tian Luo magic umbrella that he had already held up. Then, with the force slowly bursting out from his wrist, the magic umbrella was slightly twisted by Chu Weiyang. The edge of the umbrella split into layers of misty rain curtains, blocking all the mist around Chu Weiyang.
Immediately afterwards, in the flash of lightning, every beaded inscription in the “Five De