n most of his life, there have been very few women with the position of wife, and there are even less close relatives like children, so of course he does not consider the “concern” from his wife and children. As for the “concern” of friends, if they are not fighting side by side, it is of course meaningless. It is just catering to each other.

Perhaps because she has Ye Sijin’s face, he has different expectations for her after all, Liu Changan thought, greeted Ma Benwei, and walked forward.
Qin Yanan was so angry that she held her chest tightly, and quickly went to the car to get her shoes and change them. She was driving in a hurry and didn’t even change her driving shoes.
Qin Yanan quickly followed Liu Changan and glared at him: “If you have a problem, I can’t explain it to my great-grandfather. But if I go in with you now, if I have another problem, I don’t believe your great-grandfather will spare you.” !”
/“That’s natural. Even if there is a hail of bullets in front of you, I will act as a human shield for you and won’t let you lose a hair.” Liu Changan laughed and rubbed the top of Qin Yanan’s head again.
“Get out of here!” Qin Yanan opened Liu Changan’s hand angrily. She had been in more contact with him, and her temper was getting better and better.
Ma Benwei quickly trotted to catch up. Liu Changan asked him to come to the live broadcast to kick off the gym. He had never expected it, but there was no doubt that it was a surprise. Although the risk was high, Pu Shougeng was famous in Junsha, and people who often hung out in bars were just like him. I see, the whole bar street, and all the big brothers watching the bar, can more or less have something to do with Pu Shougeng, some of them are opened by Pu Shougeng’s own disciples.
He had already started the live broadcast on the way here and had been warming up for a long time. He mobilized people in his hardcore group and went around to attract people. He also took advantage of Liu Changan’s current popularity and bought various products on Weibo. Various marketing methods have not passed for long now, but his live broadcast room has finally regained the popularity of its heyday, and it seems that it will rise further.
But the angle of his live broadcast was inevitably sneaky. The most he could do was take a picture of Qin Yanan’s back, and he didn’t dare to take a picture of Qin Yanan’s face. It was okay for Liu Changan to go to the gym, and no one knew his true background anyway, but Qin Yanan… It’s different. After all, there are already many people in the Shonan system who know her. The daughter of the big boss of Shonan is going to play with her? It was Ma Benwei who broke the news. This matter will naturally silence public opinion, but it is hard to say how unlucky Ma Benwei will be.
Liu Changan and Qin Yanan arrived at the gate of the martial arts gym. Ma Benwei followed them at a distance, as if he was preparing to comment on MMA or UFC. He spat and said that he and Liu Changan had a good relationship. The last time Liu Changan treated him li