immediately led five “delivery men” from Donghai and Dongzhou to Nangang.

immediately led five “delivery men” from Donghai and Dongzhou to Nangang.
Guo Qingshan is responsible for identifying targets, responding and assisting in evacuation.
He suddenly ran over to kill someone, and then ran away after killing him. The whole plan focused on “quickness”. What is even more worrying is that Guo Qingshan has learned the whereabouts of Li Gu and Xiao Ren by keeping an eye on the boss of Li Gu’s company!
Not being able to joke about Li Gu’s safety, Han Bo called Cheng Wenming’s mobile phone again.
“Han Detachment, I just received the notification and I’m trying to figure out if we can get Monkey and Biaozi to get rid of Guo without arousing their suspicion.” Are you
kidding? In case there are more than just two people targeting Li Gu. Guo Qingshan, what should we do if there are other people who have arranged for the police through other means but have no control over it?
Those guys are too dangerous. They are on standby. Once Guo Qingshan finds a suitable opportunity to strike, they will rush to Nangang to kill the monkey thief with a phone call.
/Han Bo didn’t know what he was hesitating about, and said solemnly: “Monkey is not only our informant, but also our fellow countryman. We are responsible for his safety. If there is something wrong, how can you and I talk to his mother and his fiancée?” , explain to my sister? Do you and I still have the nerve to return to Liangzhuang?”
Cheng Wenming had no choice but to retreat. After a long silence, he suddenly said: “Han Detachment, Li Gu cannot withdraw. This is Bureau Chen’s order. ”
Director Chen’s order?”
“Detachment Han, don’t ask. I won’t pretend to pass on imperial edicts, I won’t make such a joke with you, and I won’t make fun of the monkey’s safety. Again, I will Try every means to ensure his safety. If something happens to him, you will blame me.”
The thing you were most worried about happened!
Han Bo suddenly realized that it was not just the anti-drug detachment that was using Li Gu, but also other case-handling units, and it might also be a major case.
His files are in the hands of Cheng Wenming, which is equivalent to being in the hands of the criminal police detachment. Strictly speaking, the anti-drug detachment is borrowing informants from the criminal police detachment.
When it comes to breaking the rules, first break the rules yourself.
Han Bo regretted it and cursed secretly that he should not have handed over Li Gu to Cheng Wenming at that time. But if Cheng Wenming was not handed over to who else could he hand it over at that time? The technical investigation detachment at that time was a unit that supported the entire police force. It had no jurisdiction over the case and was not a case-handling unit.
It was too late to say anything now. Han Bo made up his mind to send Li Gu back to Liangzhuang immediately after he finished all the things he was doing. If this continues, something will happen to him sooner or later.
“Cheng Da, I know you have your difficulties. Find a way quickly to ensure his