grew up.

The spacecraft stopped at the helipad on the rooftop of a villa. David didn’t ask where it was. He believed in Emma’s arrangement.
The moment the door of the spaceship opened, David smelled a breath of fresh air.
He was almost intoxicated by the air. The air here was different from the dry air of the Rock Star, and different from the filtered air in the spacecraft. The air here was full of floral fragrance, full of green vitality, and full of water moisture.
David’s five senses were extremely sensitive, which made the impact of the air here even greater on him.
Emma did not rush David. She had been to Rock Star and knew what kind of environment it was like. From there to Lenka Star, there was a huge environmental gap, and David needed time to feel it.
“I can’t wait to see the scenery here!” David woke up from his intoxication, turned around and said to Emma with a smile.
“Come with me, I’ll let you take a good tour of this villa!” Emma’s eyes narrowed as she smiled, and she said with a graceful curve at the corner of her mouth.
David followed Emma and stepped off the spacecraft.
Unlike the scenery seen from above on a spaceship, the feeling of actually standing in the beautiful scenery is more profound.
The villa is surrounded by tall trees. David doesn’t know what species these trees are. They may be endemic to this place.
The trees are very dense, completely isolating the villa from the outside world. Only a road in front of the villa is connected to the outside world.
Walking into the second floor of the villa from the platform, David found that he could directly see the beautiful scenery outside from the second floor. The materials used on the second and third floors here looked like crystal from the outside, but he could not see the internal situation. Guaranteed Internal privacy.
But being inside is like being in nature. Special technology should be used on the walls to shield other rooms except this room. When you are in any room, you will be completely integrated with the outside world. feeling.
The layout here is very simple, but the details are perfect, showing the designer’s intention.
David, accompanied by Emma, ??visited the three-story villa and the basement.
/When David saw the specially reinforced training room in the basement, his eyes were very surprised.
There was a smile in Emma’s eyes. This was the villa she chose for David. After returning from the Rock Star, she had been designing and decorating it herself.
The training room in the basement was specially built after she heard about the training conditions needed by soldiers.
“I like it here very much!” David did not refuse Emma’s kindness, he said to Emma beside him with a smile.
Neither he nor Emma cared much about a villa, but what he valued more was the thought Emma put into it.
Two female bodyguards, Leona and Nora, stood outside the door. They knew what their mission was, but they would not interfere in Emma’s life.
Emma and David are sitting in the sunroom on the third floor. There are some precious flowers