hite Wolf Queens’ were disturbed, after the accompanying ‘White Wolf Ants’ killed the crazy ‘White Wolf Ants’, the two ‘White Wolf Queens’ still came to the bait potion, but this time After a while, the bait potion had almost evaporated, leaving only a little bit.

The two ‘white wolf queens’ licked in place for a while, then howled twice in dissatisfaction.
However, they immediately sensed the commotion in the group, and without the effect of the bait, they began to turn around and return to the nest.
Although the other two ‘White Wolf Ant Queens’ died, the ‘White Wolf Ant Queen’ could not tell the other two ‘White Wolf Ant Queens’ without receiving the danger information from the ‘White Wolf Ants’ of their own species. ‘Cause of death, they don’t want to find out about accidents that are not of the same race.
In the chaos of the two ‘White Wolf Ant Colony’ nests, a large number of crazy ‘White Wolf Ants’ rushed to other nests. There are still a lot of second- and third-level ‘White Wolf Ants’ in other nests, and they will not be affected by these crazy ‘White Wolf Ants’. Wolf Ants’ influence, but the other first-level White Wolf Ants will be affected by this crazy aura, and the eyes of some White Wolf Ants also begin to turn red.
/The chaos spreads more and more as the number of crazy ‘white wolf ants’ increases. The ‘white wolf ant queen’ constantly comforts her crazy ‘white wolf ants’ through telepathy, but this takes some time.
“Okay, we can pass!” Baron Du Bois nodded with satisfaction after seeing the extent of the chaos.
The chaos caused by the death of the two ‘White Wolf Queens’ was better than he imagined. This level of chaos was enough for them to pass.
The team moved quickly, with David still leading the way. Shadow Warrior had just absorbed the souls of five ‘White Wolf Ant Kings’ and ascended to the sky again.
The crazy ‘White Wolf Ant’ affects the perception ability of all the ‘White Wolf Ants’, and even greatly interferes with the telepathy of the ‘White Wolf Queen’.
In fact, each type of Zerg has its own weaknesses, but the focus is on how to find and exploit these weaknesses.
After this experience, Buckley Chaofan also knew the weaknesses of the ‘White Wolf Ant Colony’, but so what if he knew, he could not take advantage of the weaknesses of the ‘White Wolf Ant Colony’.
The first is the bait potion. This potion is an item belonging to the divine world. Of course, the Federation can also research similar potions, but there is no way of knowing how long it will take.
The next step is to kill the ‘White Wolf Ant Queen’ and block the crazy counterattack of the ‘White Wolf Ant King’. This is a bit difficult. The ‘Sniper Master’ can still be found, but it is difficult for a ‘Sniper Master’ with David’s level. Once you find it, it will be troublesome to quickly kill the ‘White Wolf Ant King’.
Following the team, Buckley was thinking in his extraordinary mind while observing the situation around him.
Just like before, David discovered in advance and led the team to get rid of the ‘White Wolf A