ith excitement, and her eyes were filled with excitement: What a great luck!

ith excitement, and her eyes were filled with excitement: What a great luck!
A translucent cover with rippled circles suddenly covered Jin Yanzi and Murong Yan inside. At this moment, Victor’s palm happened to hit the translucent cover. With just a little extra time at night, Victor succeeded!
There was a “pop” sound, like a bubble bursting, and the translucent cover withstood an attack before disappearing.
Murong Yan immediately grabbed Jin Yanzi’s hand and rushed towards Yin Kuang quickly. As long as you get to Yin Kuang’s side, you don’t have to be afraid anymore. This is almost the consensus of Murong Yan and Jin Yanzi. However, when there is dependence in people’s hearts, especially when women have dependence in their hearts, it is often when they make mistakes inadvertently.
They all underestimated Victor after all.
What they didn’t notice was that after Victor finished attacking the translucent cover, he turned into a splash of water and fell to the ground with a “splash”.
It turned out to be just Victor’s water incarnation!
When Jin Yanzi and Murong Yan rushed towards Yin Kuang, another Victor appeared just behind Jin Yanzi like a ghost, and his hand had already grabbed the back of Jin Yanzi’s head like lightning. Looking at the powerful movement of that claw, it actually wanted to smash Jin Yanzi’s head into pieces! ?
/It’s so cruel to destroy flowers with ruthless hands! Even though he could just reach out and grab the phoenix-breaking hairpin stuck in the back of Jin Yanzi’s head, Victor actually wanted to kill Jin Yanzi.
For a moment, Jin Yanzi felt that the sky turned dark in an instant. A bone-chilling chill surged into Jin Yanzi’s body. Golden Swallow knows this feeling! When she was very young, in the cold, dark and damp old well, she had tasted this feeling with her weaker body. It was the smell of death!
Dying? After working hard for so long, is it still inevitable to die?
Sadness, unwillingness, and relief all came to Jin Yanzi’s heart.
Yin Kuang saw those eyes filled with many emotions. And they looked at Yin Kuang like that. For a moment, Yin Kuang felt an inexplicable feeling of heart-wrenching discomfort. This girl who has been living in hatred and struggling, longing for a new life and having a childish ideal, is going to die in front of his eyes?
At that moment, Yin Kuang’s eyes flashed with purple-gold light, and he let go of the hand holding the stone statue of Sun Wukong. He pushed his arms and made a “two dragons fetch water” gesture, shooting out two arms. The thick purple divine dragon charged towards Victor angrily.
Victor, who wanted to kill Golden Swallow, turned into a splash of water! ?
“Oops! His target is the stone statue of Sun Wukong!”
Yin Kuang turned around and saw Sun Wukong flying up with a whip. The distance between the two was also widening rapidly
. It turned out that Victor’s original target was It’s Sun Wukong! In his mind, dead things are still dead things. Even if the Phoenix-breaking Hairpin can really kill gods an