gloomy face, and whispered: “Have my traces been discovered by the immortal world so quickly? They actually sent a false god to kill me. They really underestimated me.”

He snorted coldly and said with fierce anger: “I have been dead for more than 60,000 years, and have I been despised to this extent?”
Jianyuan world.
God Tianyun came to this place and saw the majestic Kunlun Mountain in the distance.
Just as he was about to fly away, he saw a ray of light coming like a rainbow, catching him and pulling him into the Kunlun Mountain!
The Queen Mother of the West beat the sky clouds to death, refined the cloud energy, and decorated the Kunlun Mountains. She said to Yuan Weiyang: “This place has been noticed by the gods. Please ask the fairy for help and go to other worlds to escape.”
In the underworld, Xu Ying walked out of the sea of ????underworld, looked up, and saw the stars in the sky still wandering in disorder. That was because those fishermen still refused to give up and were searching for his whereabouts over the Sea of ??Hades.
“Although Emperor Beiyin is not in peak condition, he can still do it by sending me to the coast without telling them.”
Xu Ying stayed away from Minghai and rushed to Naihe. When he arrived at Naihe Bridge, Xu Ying bowed far away from Po Meng on the bridge.
Po Meng’s face trembled and she pretended not to see him.
At this moment, a woman in palace clothes walked out of the fog at the end of Naihe Bridge and said with a smile: “Are you Xu Ying? Did you write this talisman?”
She shook the talisman in her hand, and Xu Ying stared at it. It was the talisman she had written to the fool Ah Fu.
/He was about to speak when suddenly another girl’s voice came, as clear as a carrot.
“Xu Ying? Are you Xu Ying? I’ve been looking for you for a long time!”
Xu Ying looked around and saw another woman in royal attire standing on the bow of the boat on the Nai River, looking at him playfully.
Xu Ying stood still and asked: “Two girls, who are you?”
Both girls were dressed in palace attire, just like beauties walking out of paintings. Their clothes were extremely gorgeous, with brocade and embroidery, and jingle rings.
The woman standing at the end of the bridge has a moire gemstone on her head, a golden phoenix, and tiny pearls and agates as decorations. They are divided into different colors. There are one or two hundred subtle magic weapons in the hair ornaments alone.
The girl’s tiara on the ship is also extremely gorgeous, with delicate earrings, two or three green beads hanging down, and gold threads intertwined. They have also been refined.
Their clothes were crushed and dyed with precious stones. The girl on the boat had red and black as the background color, with a long skirt and big sleeves and a willow waist.
The woman at the end of the bridge wears palace clothes in red, yellow and purple colors, with patterns of flying birds, phoenixes and auspicious clouds, and she has a green ribbon draped over her shoulders.
On their bodies, streamers were like a wisp of smoke