rom the surface, it would have been a water snake!

But it is really not a water snake, but a plant that has changed its feeding habits.
Its roots can writhe quickly in the water, allowing it to swim on the surface.
Of course, this swimming speed is relatively slow.
There are also aquatic animals that have evolved themselves like aquatic plants.
In addition to the various strange creatures in the lake, there are even more diverse creatures on the surrounding land.
Some have evolved like a stone, some have evolved like a piece of grass, but are essentially carnivores, and so on.
Just by looking around the basin, Wei Xiaobei concluded that there were more than 5,000 species of creatures!
The biological types mentioned here refer to types that have great differences in form and internal organs.
Of course, with the radiation power of Loki’s finger, the number of biological species that have evolved and mutated in this basin is probably more than a hundred times this number!
But those creatures either died due to genetic instability and collapse in the subsequent evolutionary mutation process, or were eliminated in the cruel battle for survival!
You must know that these creatures in the basin cannot survive just by relying on aura, especially those animals and insects. They all need food to survive, and creatures that are not outstanding in a certain aspect of evolutionary variation will survive in this world. It’s easy to be eliminated in a battle.
Of course, those mutant creatures that were easily eliminated were not within the scope of Wei Xiaobei’s attention.
Later, Wei Xiaobei extracted the genes of the mutated creatures in the basin one by one and integrated them into the gene bank of the Altar of Life.
In just such a period of time, the mutated creatures in the basin have greatly supplemented the gene pool of the Altar of Life.
Wei Xiaobei made preliminary calculations and found that approximately two thousand different genes had been added.
Although many of these genes do not seem to be of much use, these abandoned genes often play a considerable role in the evolution of life, especially after being combined with other normal genes and then undergoing more complex gene activation, they can play some special role.
In fact, such abandoned genes occupy most positions in the gene chain of living things.
Especially in the human gene chain, more than 97% of the genes are discarded genes. However, if these discarded genes can be activated, we can see various strange organs that have appeared in the evolution of ancient creatures to humans. .
To put it simply, after some humans activate the discarded genes, they will grow some weird-looking organs on their bodies, such as fish gills, long hair, and so on.
If the genes collected by Wei Xiaobei from the basin are activated, they should be more useful.
But the biggest benefit of these discarded genes is that when combined with other genes, they form more stable genetic characteristics, significantly reducing the genetic collapse rate of organisms.
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