to change paths but faced them head-on. This is worthy of praise.

to change paths but faced them head-on. This is worthy of praise.
Just like the Warriors dynasty in history, Houston’s signing of Paul is commendable.
And with this wave of signings, the Bulls will be a Big Three lineup for at least the next four years.
No one knows what will happen in the future. If they can beat the Knicks, or the Knicks’ lineup disintegrates first, then the Bulls will be the king of the Eastern Conference.
Just one word, gambling.
This wave of domineering operations also made the already nervous Knicks even more nervous.
Because they not only have to face huge pressure from the Western Conference Warriors and Lakers, but also have to face a strong challenge from the Bulls in the same region.
/Of course, there is also the issue of Harden’s contract renewal mentioned before.
Due to differences in the amount of the contract renewal, the early contract renewal negotiations between the two parties reached a deadlock.
This difference is different from the 4 million that the Thunder lost in history.
Historically, Harden grew up with Durant and Westbrook in the Thunder, which is also the origin of the “Four Young Thunder”.
In that case, he was willing to make some sacrifices for the team.
But it’s different in the Knicks. He was originally the owner of the Knicks, and the Big Three came later.
It’s like a “bird occupying a dove’s nest” between Israel and Palestine.
Playing as a substitute for the team is already a sacrifice, but he is obviously not happy to ask him to sacrifice again at this time.
So this disagreement becomes: Harden hopes to get the maximum salary contract he deserves from the Knicks, but the Knicks do not want to provide Harden with such a contract due to salary pressure.
Or in other words, if the Knicks cannot complete the early contract extension, then there is a high probability that they will lose Harden for nothing next season.
Because although Harden will be a restricted free agent next season, with the Knicks’ current salary situation, they cannot match the offers from other teams.
So judging from the current situation, the Knicks are likely to choose to trade Harden away this summer, and then replace him with a cost-effective player.
This situation is exactly the same as the Thunder in the same period in history.
And what’s even better than the Thunder is that the Knicks have plenty of outside manpower.
Even if Harden is sent away, they still have Paul George and Mike Miller.
Under such circumstances, although Harden will not encounter the “one-hour consideration” situation in history, if he is unwilling to reduce his salary and renew his contract, then his Knicks career may have entered a countdown.
After Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian successively decided on their next homes, Delong finally got results.
Deron not only chose to leave the sad place of New Orleans, but he also chose to leave the west and travel east!
He joined the New Jersey Nets.
This also means that the Nets, who have been failing for several years, will send away H