ter. After thinking about it, he told his subordinates, “Let’s find out what happened in Ngee Ann.”

ter. After thinking about it, he told his subordinates, “Let’s find out what happened in Ngee Ann.”
Almost at the same time, Zhao Xinxin Also outside Zhuque City, she received the news from the restaurant. She frowned, slammed the table, and said sternly, “Asshole, I knew you were going to Ngee Ann City. Are you looking for death?” Chapter
331 Zhang swallowed his anger
. Mr. Jin from the Security Bureau arrived in Nghe An one day later.
/his anger and simply accepted the one hundred taels of spirit grain offered by the Lin family. However, the Lin family asked for help interceding with Li Yongsheng, but he refused without hesitation, “If people don’t trouble me, I’ve already Be thankful and don’t bother me with this matter again.”
Lin Munan put forward the condition with a dark face, “Add another hundred taels of gold, please Mr. Jin.”
Mr. Jin sneered, “I don’t dare to take this money. I’m afraid I’ll lose my life if I spend it. Your Lin family has great powers, so you can think of a way on your own.”
He really didn’t dare to accept this money. The branch under the Chao Security Bureau , The oil and water are actually limited, but this is the Lin family’s money. If he thinks about taking the money and not doing anything, the consequences will be serious.
For him, the director of the Security Bureau, many people’s money can be hacked, but the Lin family in Ngai An is obviously not included among them.
Lin Munan lowered his face and said, “If it weren’t for Zhao Xinxin’s sake, Mr. Jin would have to go through a lot of trouble to get Linggu, you would definitely not be willing to do this small favor for my Lin family?”
As expected, the other party was disobedient. , just made a direct threat.
But precisely because of this, Mr. Jin was not afraid. He sneered and said, “I won’t help you. Just kill me. I can’t beat you anyway.” The
Lin family really didn’t have the guts to do anything – don’t look at Linggudu. Pay it back?
Seeing that the situation was not going well, the second elder immediately spoke up and said, “Mr. Jin, the first elder cares about the clan and his temper has not been very good recently. Please forgive me. We are not asking you to be a lobbyist. You just need to tell the other party that the Lin family is willing to agree.” Their conditions.”
“You can take the initiative to tell the other party this news,” Mr. Jin replied with a half-smile. “Everyone of the Lin family holds up a sign when they go out, and the other party will of course know about it.”
“Hold the grass, “The fourth elder couldn’t help but murmured softly, “Does this mean you don’t want me, the Lin family, to live in Ngee’an?”
Mr. Jin can think of this method, and the Lin family certainly wants it even more, but they really haven’t thought about it.
The Lin family is undoubtedly the largest family in Ngee An, and can even be said to be the largest family in Nanhai Prefecture. They do not bully their local compatriots, which gives them an excellent reputation.
But at the same time, the villagers also know