t – if Prince Xiang also wants a hereditary prince, should I give it to him?

t – if Prince Xiang also wants a hereditary prince, should I give it to him?
He didn’t suffer any grievances. The King of England snorted coldly. Seriously, you have suffered a lot of grievances, right?
Besides, even if King Xiang is given a hereditary prince, so what, can he continue to be hereditary?
These words were quite ambiguous, but everyone in the royal family knew that Prince Xiang’s fate was basically determined, and it would all depend on how long the Crown Princess could live.
Of course, if King Xiang could turn back in time, he would most likely die a good death, but is it possible for him to turn back?
Even if King Xiang could turn around in time, and with his style of conduct, he would be deprived of his “hereditary status” by a small mistake, it would be extremely simple.
Therefore, the example of King Xiang is just an example and cannot be generalized.
I have a lot going on right now! The young emperor expressed his position directly. Let’s not talk nonsense. I will give you a hereditary prince on the border of Yongzhen. That is impossible. Let’s change the conditions. As for the reason, you know the reason, uncle.
After all, the Tianjia is the Tianjia. Although they came to the door on their own initiative, they still hold the right to speak firmly.
Then I will change the conditions. The King of England is indeed very wise: I have been assassinated twice in two months. If you can hand over the messenger from Tianjia now, then the matter will be over. All you need is a hereditary prince.
/Tianjia was so angry that he gritted his teeth and said in his heart that if I could find and capture the messenger, I would not even give you the hereditary prince!
Of course he couldn’t say that, so he added: I have been working hard to catch him, but the murderer was not sent by me. How could I catch him right away? You want to stay at the border forever, and other princes put forward similar conditions. What should I do?
That is a question you have to consider in Tianjia. It has nothing to do with me. The King of England answered very rudely. If I even consider such a thing, then I am not correcting my position.
The young emperor’s nose was almost crooked with anger. You can only make conditions, but you won’t help me think about them? If you don’t help the court solve its problems, why are you called the King of England?
The King of England replied expressionlessly, “I will never overstep my authority if I am not in charge of my duties.”
The words of both sides were very direct and very aggressive. The young emperor thought that the other party was not respectful enough, but the King of England had enough anger to not give in at all.
He said to himself, anyway, I didn’t rebel and offended the Heavenly Family. At worst, they would demote my whole family to common people. What’s the point?
People live their whole lives just to have a smooth mind.
/The young emperor really wanted to demote his uncle to a commoner, but although he was young at heart and courageous enough, such a choi