ly not lazy. He was joking on the surface, but he was actually very serious. But isn’t that enough?

Zhang Xiaojiang suddenly felt that he should work harder, maybe then he wouldn’t hold everyone back.
Because it was Wang Meng who taught Tu Kun Kung, Zhang Xiaojiang has been practicing diligently and patiently, but he really doesn’t feel that it has any effect, and his Yuan Power has not increased.
Not talented enough?
Not working hard enough?
Zhang Xiaojiang was very confused. There was a knock on the door, and soon the door opened by itself. The one who could open the door must be Liu Mei.
/Liu Mei didn’t say anything, she just held Zhang Xiaojiang in her arms. She had been preparing a lot of excuses, but she didn’t need to say anything at this moment.
The room returned to darkness
Three days passed quickly, and the day came for Lei Guangtang to challenge Huoyun Hall. The sun had just risen, and the disciples of Huoyun Hall opened the mountain door. The disciples of Huoyun Hall, who were still a little sleepy, were startled by the crowd in front of them.
What are these people doing? Are they going to attack Huoyuntang?
“Damn, the sun is shining on my butt before I get up!”
“Yeah, it made us wait outside for so long.”
The disciple of Huoyun Hall rubbed his eyes, damn, Lei Guangtang is coming to kill him now?
No, this is from Baicao Hall, and Yuzhu Hall, ah, Lingyin Hall, beauties, and beauties from Feifeng Hall.
Are they all here to watch the battle?
Song Zhong has already gotten up. He still attaches great importance to today’s battle. Even if Lei Guangtang is half disabled, he can’t take it lightly, especially he can’t make the mistakes of Qiao Qian and Jia Sidao.
To be fooled by Wang Meng, do you really know what kind of medicine these two guys are selling in order to please Wang Meng?
It’s not necessary, or it’s just too careless.
But when he comes to Huoyuntang, no matter whether he has three heads and six arms, or he is pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, he must show his true colors, because what Patriarch Zhao Tianlong hates most is underestimating the enemy.
“Big brother, big brother”
“Why are you so panicked?” Song Zhong glared at the disciple coldly.
“There are many disciples from other halls outside.”
Song Zhong was stunned for a moment and nodded, “Follow the etiquette and don’t disgrace our Huoyuntang.
“Yes, senior brother.”
Song Zhong stood up. It seemed that Lei Guangtang’s two consecutive wins aroused the curiosity of many people. But these people were too naive. Could it be that they still thought Lei Guangtang could win?
At this time, the disciples of Leiguangtang were also heading to Huoyuntang in great numbers. There were more people, many of them were unfamiliar faces, and they looked older. Many of them had rushed back from outside.
Lei Guangtang has won two consecutive games, can you believe it?
Chen Haiguang, He Ziyuan and others held their heads high. They were the ones who let the news out. This is the glory of Lei Guangtang disciples. To be precise, it is e