is head, and a helpless smile appeared on Wang Meng’s lips.

It’s okay to do harm to God, but you can’t live if you do harm to yourself!
Qi Feiyu’s sword slashed him, unable to dodge, and Qingtian’s domineering sword was enough to kill Wang Meng to a pulp.
However, this sword was blocked.
A finger blocked it.
Qi Feiyu couldn’t move, his eyes almost popped out. What is this? ?
how so! ! !
“Who are you?” Qi Feiyu was horrified, completely losing his bottom line of fear.
Wang Meng smiled and flicked his right hand slightly. Qi Feiyu’s body suddenly expanded, exploded, and turned into pieces.
On the surface of the sea with a radius of thousands of miles, countless sea dragons surfaced, lying on their backs in fear, not daring to move.
In the sky, wind and clouds suddenly rose. Wang Meng smiled, but they dissipated again after a while, and the clouds were calm and the wind was gentle.
The light on the compass had completely disappeared, and a crack appeared in the middle.
Wang Meng put away the broken compass and carefully put it in his arms.
This compass can indeed break the seal on Qi Feiyu’s body, but what Qi Feiyu doesn’t know is that there is also a seal on Wang Meng’s body. Although it cannot be completely removed, it also caused cracks in the Heaven and Earth Spirit Locking Formation just now.
This was divine power. A powerful enemy could be wiped out in a snap. This shock deeply stayed in Wang Meng’s heart.
The last time he used the annihilation of the Mad Sword Sect, Wang Meng was in the stage of just integrating the godhead. He felt the power all over his body, just like when he had the key to the treasure house, he could not feel the existence of the treasure house. But now, just for a moment, Wang Meng I felt different powers.
However, the power of this Eight Diagrams Compass that conceals the truth from the sky is still a little weak. Wang Meng really wants to know where it comes from. It seems that he needs to find it slowly by himself.
The sea dragons were confused for a while, then quietly dived back into the sea.
Wang Meng searched for it. It seemed that he couldn’t find it. Qi Feiyu had become one with this place. He was a little careless this time. He didn’t expect that such a thing existed. This made Wang Meng even more convinced that all the rules were the same. Built on strength.
The body froze and flew towards the teleportation array. Everyone must be waiting impatiently.
The teleportation array flashed with light, and everyone rushed over. They rushed out with all their strength just now, and everyone heard the pounding heartbeat.
The light of the formation became brighter and brighter, and suddenly disappeared, leaving a figure.
There was silence immediately, and a few seconds later, roars erupted from the temple. At this time, they no longer care about anything, and they no longer care about the rules of Baizhan Pavilion.
/The disciples of the Ten Thousand Demon Sect felt as if they had seen a ghost, and all the blood on their faces suddenly disappeared.
Li Tianyi patted W