servants who fell on the ground did not rise to their feet, but still fell to the ground.

No one saw the existence of Shadow Servant, otherwise they would know why the black servant could not be resurrected.
The moment the black servant of God was killed, Shadow Warrior pounced on him and absorbed the soul of the black servant of God.
David didn’t know what principle this black servant of God used to resurrect, but he was certain that it was impossible for a black servant of God who had lost his soul to be resurrected.
The twenty-three sky knights looked at the bodies of the three black servants of the god that fell to the ground. They did not charge again immediately, but were waiting for an uncertain result.
The black servant of the god is also waiting, waiting for the resurrection of his companions.
During this waiting, a strange calm appeared on the battlefield. Five seconds passed, ten seconds passed, twenty seconds passed, until one minute passed, smiles appeared on all the faces of the sky knights.
They didn’t know why the black servant of the god was not resurrected. Some of the sky knights thought that their lord might have taken action.
/The Sky Knight was happy on one side, while the Black God Servant on the other side was shocked. There was confusion in his expressionless eyes, but they soon recovered.
The black servants of God did not wait any longer. They quickly dispersed and expanded the battlefield by several hundred meters, including David, who was originally hiding.
However, none of the black servants of the gods noticed the trace of lightning on the ground. At this time, the sky knights would only think that this trace of lightning was one of the weird things in this world.
/David was not worried about accidental injuries. As long as his “Lightning Body” talent was turned on, he would be in a state of complete immunity. At most, after an attack, a bolt of lightning would be drawn from the lightning pattern to replenish the consumption.
The black servants of God spread around. This is their way of dealing with the knight formation. Dispersion reduces the probability of being attacked.
Of course, they will be defeated one by one if they do this, but they also have their own fighting methods.
Losing the ability to resurrect, the black servants of the god began to show their true strength.
The battle formation formed by the Sky Knights charged in one direction. Anyway, there were black servants of God in any direction. After they knew that the black servants of God had lost their ability to resurrect, they could eliminate these black servants of God as long as they kept killing them.
In the eyes of the Sky Knights, the black servants of the gods must have made a wrong choice. Although separation reduces the probability of being attacked, it also reduces the attack power. One or two black servants of the gods cannot deal with the twenty-three. What damage capabilities can a battle formation composed of sky knights have?
Just as the Sky Knights’ knightly battle formation was charging, all