and said, “Uncle Li, what do you think of the amount of the franchise fee? Two hundred thousand, that’s not it. A small number!”

and said, “Uncle Li, what do you think of the amount of the franchise fee? Two hundred thousand, that’s not it. A small number!”
Li Shengli flipped through the booklet in his hand. He thought that Wen Liang thought the franchise fee was too high and would hinder the expansion speed. He frowned and said, “I also think it is too high, but this number is the result of a joint effort between multiple departments in planning, marketing and finance. I don’t know whether the final result based on the residents’ consumption level and the per capita consumption index of the catering industry in the past three years is scientific or not, so why don’t I send it back and let them redo it?”
“There’s no need to redo it. In my opinion, this amount should be increased to 500,000!”
“Huh? 500,000?”
Li Shengli was taken aback and looked at Wen Liang blankly, speechless.
Wen Liang did not explain why the amount should be increased to 500,000, leaving Li Shengli deep in thought. If a company that has gathered so many elite talents cannot even figure this out, Qinghe will ultimately be nothing more than a fast food restaurant and will not achieve much.
Ignoring Li Shengli, Wen Liang turned to Tan Xue and asked, “Is the marketing department’s burden heavy?”
“Daily operations are fine, but with so many stores, I feel pressured in terms of personnel management.”
“It doesn’t matter if you have pressure. Having pressure means you have realized your shortcomings. Only when you have shortcomings can you make progress.” Wen Liang said with a smile: “After a while, the overall situation is initially determined, I will arrange for Qinghe’s middle-level managers and above to go to Jiangdong University to listen to some In economics lectures, well-known domestic scholars and professors will also be invited to teach you knowledge about company management and operations. Don’t be afraid of not understanding, just learn if you don’t understand! Gu Shitong was just a poor teacher before he made his fortune, but he still became the richest man in Jiangdong. ?”
/Tan Xue’s eyes shone with desire. She was now the marketing manager, and she clearly felt her lack of knowledge. Her gentle suggestion hit her sensitive point, and she asked nervously: “Can you really go? Are you studying in university?”
“Of course, and this learning system must become the norm. Stagger the time and take turns to study. There must be at least two months every year for everyone to spend in learning. When Qinghe develops and grows in the future, I will send it to you. “Going to business school to study for an MBA” has always been in Wen Liang’s plan. As Qinghe grows step by step, the only way for these seniors represented by Li Shengli and Tan Xue to avoid being eliminated is to work hard to improve themselves.
/Now that he had reached this point and saw that Li Shengli had also recovered from his meditation, he had to give them a few words of advice. He changed the topic and said: “Aristotle once said a very interesting saying, intellectuals are better than i