after-tax profits of many U.S. listed companies will be used to pay dividends.

after-tax profits of many U.S. listed companies will be used to pay dividends.
The vast majority of listed companies pay dividends to investors on a quarterly basis, and some listed companies sometimes provide “extra” dividends or “special” dividends. Such dividends are generally targeted and the level of dividends is extremely high.
/In other words, Han Xuan, who holds many stocks, does not only have book wealth. Every quarter, he will make a large amount of money, which will flow into the family office Interstellar Investment and Charity Foundation, and the Snow Mountain Group headquarters, truly entering Han Xuan There are not many assets in personal accounts, and personal assets mean a large amount of tax.
There is no other family in the world that can acquire large enterprises at will like the Han family. This is related to the fact that Mr. Han and Han Xuan insist on having absolute controlling rights, knowing that they can bring benefits to themselves. Now other investments Institutions no longer forcefully demand the right to speak. After all, profit is what drives their investment.
Thinking of those companies his grandson had acquired, Guo Muzhou couldn’t help but smile and said, “You will have another nickname, King of Condoms, which is pretty good.”
Rolling his eyes at his grandfather, Han Xuan said speechlessly: “I was worried that such a scandal would happen, so I didn’t make a decision. In fact, this industry is really good. As long as humans continue to reproduce, there is no need to worry about the company’s products not being sold. , considering that the world’s population continues to grow, the market will only get bigger and bigger. They have investigated that there is still a lot of room for exploration of the products of these two companies, and some markets are not covered for the time being, or the market share is not high. Daily chemical consumer goods industry , Our family is not involved in it at the moment. Even though the price of things is not high, the demand is astonishingly large. Just look at the scale of Procter & Gamble.”
Guo Muzhou said: “Since it is profitable, what else are you considering? Your snow mountain You can even sell Viagra in pharmaceuticals, so you still worry about others looking at you strangely?”
Thinking carefully about this, Han Xuan said at a loss of whether to laugh or cry: “In this way, they will think of me every time they use those products, and maybe they can improve their performance. My popularity.”
After nodding, Guo Muzhou smiled and said, “That’s interesting. Your grandfather has a wide range of sales channels, so he doesn’t have to worry about sales. I think as long as it is a product that can be sold in a convenience store, you can Don’t worry about anything. Their market values ??are not high, right, and their stock prices have stabilized. I suggest you buy them. It’s best to directly control the market and form a large enterprise.” “Why do I always feel that
you are waiting? Look at my joke. Okay, I will contact them and see if the