The fat man choked.

The fat man choked.
“Haha, you look quite embarrassed. You must have suffered a lot. Now that we are here, you can leave. It’s not your turn!” Yingyu shouted unconvinced.
It seems that they came from another way and were unaware of what just happened here. Perhaps they noticed the vibration caused by the golden giant.
I lowered my head and looked at the wine jug buried in the soil. Suddenly I got a plan, took a step forward and said, “Fat man, take the jug away quickly!” As
soon as he said this, the fat man was also stunned. People also noticed the big pit behind me!
My words made the fat man stunned, and he looked at me with confusion in his eyes, but he concealed it very well. We have already figured out our respective temperaments through many years of life and death. To use fashionable words, that is a very tacit understanding.
Hearing what I said, he immediately answered: “Oh, I forgot, I forgot, but it’s important.”
We sang together like a double act, and the pretense only made the other party more suspicious. He turned into a snake and shook his red hair, shouting “What are you doing?”
“It’s nothing!” I said, pretending to be panicked.
“It’s nothing! I heard it all. What kind of pot? What did you get here?” The snake caught the discrepancy in my words and asked hurriedly.
“Nothing! You’re overthinking. Haha!” I waved my hand secretly, and the fat man took two steps back. As expected, this small move did not escape the eyes of the snake, and the snake with a bit aggressive temper walked over quickly. I took a symbolic step forward to block his way, and said with a serious expression: “What do you want to do?”
/“You must have got something, hand it over!” The psychology of a girl like a snake is actually very easy to grasp. , their obsession with secrets is often terrifying. The more you hide something, the more curious they will be. The less you show it to them, the more they will want to see it. On the other hand, if you tell your secrets openly and openly, they may not care even if you tell them in an outrageous way.
“Don’t cause trouble. We have an agreement.” I deliberately spoke in a softer tone, and the snake immediately shouted reluctantly: “What’s the matter? Are you still eating us? If I don’t kill you, I will kill you.” I am hemiplegic and can’t take care of myself. Go away, do you hear me?”
I put my hand on the Tushan knife at my waist, and it looked like I was going to make a move. Yingyu Gouchen and the others immediately surrounded me from both sides. The smell of gunpowder among them is getting stronger and stronger.
The fat man hurriedly walked up and said with a smile: “Haha, don’t be angry even if you fight. It’s not worth the injury. If you want this pot, we will give it to you, haha!”
“Fat man! You can’t give it to them, this is The first fairy thing we found was given to them. What should we do if we encounter trouble in the future?” I immediately turned around and shouted, my voice was very soft, but I could guarantee that everyone around me could hear every wo