were at a 45° angle.

were at a 45° angle.
The ball bounced off the backboard, and Sun Hao also flew up.
After receiving the ball in the air, he dunked with a 180° turn.
/The ball smashed away.
This kind of coordination is too difficult.
Three chances were used twice but still no success.
However, the fans at the scene were more enthusiastic and cheered one after another.
Regardless of whether he can succeed or not, just the fact that Sun Hao dares to try this level of dunk is enough to excite them.
Sun Hao and Nash looked at each other.
/Nash threw the ball again.
I have to say that Nash is synonymous with the word “stability”.
This time the ball landed almost exactly the same as last time.
Sun Hao also rose into the sky again.
This time he jumped obviously higher than before.
It can also be seen from the expression on his face that he tried his best at the last chance.
Grab the ball in the air, turn 180, and dunk with one hand.
The ball was hit hard into the basket.
The moment the ball was dunked in, there was an overwhelming cheer.
The fans once again raised their “10” scoreboards.
The judges are talking to each other.
Sun Hao high-fived Nowitzki when he came off the court, and after sitting down, he also looked up at the judges’ table.
Although he knows that his abilities are limited, his cooperation with Nash has just begun. Of course, he hopes to have the opportunity to show off the next two dunks.
The judges over there quickly finished their deliberations.
Five people gave their scores at the same time.
5 10 points!
After reading it, Sun Hao couldn’t help but smile and shake his head.
He really didn’t expect this score, because it directly meant that he entered the finals!
It seems that his previous judgment and choice were correct. In the dunk contest, creativity is king!
The pressure began to fall on the other three people.
Originally it was 4 into 2, but now it has become 3 into 1!
The live shots were shown to the game seats, and even James was a little stressed.
And after the failure, he gave up the action directly.
Fans can completely feel that kind of pressure.
Anderson switched to a dunk. He charged forward, hit the upper edge of the basket, and then received the ball and dunked hard with both hands.
This completely replicates McGrady’s slam dunk.
But don’t tell me, such a straight up and down dunk, combined with his height of 2.08 meters, has a greater visual impact than his previous dunk.
Especially after he dunked, there was a big man who habitually pulled the frame and retracted his legs, which gave people a sense of violent aesthetics.
The final result came out and the judges gave it 46 points!
Sure enough, it turns out that James’ strategy is right. The big man needs to play the game as simply as possible and with more visual impact in order to score high points.
Anderson shook his head after seeing the score.
A score of 88 points is not low, but under the circumstances this year, the chance of advancing to the finals is