nake Emperor’s chest.

nake Emperor’s chest.
The Snake Emperor’s huge body quickly curled up, and the chest under its head was pierced by Wei He’s punch and stretched out from behind.
A large amount of dark red blood turned into blood rain and fell from the sky.
At this time, the other demons who were still conscious were belatedly attacking with magic spells, and they all fell on Wei He.
But these sorcery are just like fireworks and have no effect.
But this is already a magic that everyone gathered their demonic power to release…
The difference in strength is too big…
“Too weak…”
Wei He sighed boringly.
He even only used one type of true blood, but combined with his true strength, he had already overwhelmed these little guys.
Meme Whale King, Black Goat, Miyun Beast.
He just activated the blood power of the black goat.
The huge original body of the Snake Emperor was hanging on Wei He’s arm.
/He twisted and struggled crazily, but couldn’t break free at all. Large amounts of snake blood flew out and spilled onto the ground.
“Let me be your opponent!” Shulong jumped up, his body exploded instantly, and countless tree roots and branches expanded and released from his body.
In the blink of an eye, he transformed into a huge wooden dragon made of countless branches and roots.
The wooden dragon is larger than the snake emperor. Roaring and quickly crashing into Wei He.
The huge body, tens of meters long, flew forward like a high-speed train, hitting it head-on.
“This is a good move.” Wei He’s eyes lit up. Among these so-called big monsters, the tree dragon in front of him seemed to be quite powerful.
This impact, if not counting the speed, simply looked at the destructive power, it had already reached a level that caught his eyes.
With his current physical strength, he may not be able to resist it.
“But it’s a pity…” Wei He sighed.
“It relies on the impact brought by its own weight. Although the destructive power is strong, it must be able to hit people.”
He threw away the Snake Emperor in his hand and disappeared in a blur.
At his current level, he can move at twice the speed of sound.
With the speed of the wooden dragon in front of him, it couldn’t even trigger a sonic boom twice as fast…
The wooden dragon whizzed past Wei He and missed him.
He flew far away, quickly turned around in the night sky, and continued to rush towards Wei He with a roar.
If magic is not good, the strongest thing a demon can do is naturally its own original form.
Unfortunately, this time the collision was in vain again.
The wooden dragon roared angrily, and shot out countless vine threads from its body, covering Wei He, trying to catch him.
But unfortunately, the hair on Wei He’s body was facing each other, and combined with the gravitational force to hit the vines, the vines all over the sky couldn’t get close to him at all.
Suddenly there was a sound of horse noise, and a five-meter-tall black giant horse suddenly flew up from behind and rushed towards Wei He.
The vines behind