one side is the ancient Bactrian text, and the other side is the unnamed text carved on the back of the skeleton.

“You have bad eyesight, let me take a look.”
Lu Bei came to Mr. Xinli at some unknown time, grabbed the code book with his hands, glanced at the ten lines, pretending to read through it, but in fact, he used his personal panel to learn a new foreign language with the qualifications of one in a million.
Having more skills doesn’t overwhelm you, having one more language means one more way out.
Can’t be wrong.
Not expensive anyway.
Han Miaojun and Tutor turned their eyes to look at the code book. Lu Bei closed it with a snap, threw it into his mouth, chewed it, and swallowed it.
“There is something in my stomach, I learned how to do it.”
He pointed to several characters on the back of the skeleton and translated them one by one.
“demon king”
“seal up!”
The words were concise and concise, and now all fools understood what was sealed in the formation and the crystal coffin, and what the sitting golden body was fighting against.
Lu Bei sorted out the clues at hand and made up a picture in his mind.
The Immortality Sect is isolated overseas. Due to the important task of suppressing the demons passed down from generation to generation, it rarely communicates with other forces in the Immortal Mansion Continent, and has a reputation of being mysterious and withdrawn.
As time goes by, the seal becomes more unstable, and the leakage of demonic energy leads to the rampage of demonic cultivators in the Immortal Mansion. Several major forces join forces to eliminate the demons, follow the clues to find the Gate of Immortality, and kill them all to uproot the source of the demonic thoughts.
/But in fact, the Immortality Sect was not completely extinct, and two people survived.
/One is Gu Tianyin, who ran away with the Seal of Immortality in advance. Before leaving, he deceived the dragon bloodline to extend his life.
Second, for the skeleton in front of him, Lu Bei tentatively believed that he was the master of the Eternal Life Sect, with the highest level of cultivation and the ability to deal with the demons on his own.
It ultimately failed.
The demon broke out of the coffin and the sect master used himself as the coffin and forcibly sealed it.
Lu Bei expressed his speculation and asked Taifu and Han Miaojun for their opinions and if they had anything to add.
Nothing to add, but there are a few doubts.
You must know that before the Immortality Sect was destroyed, its disciples were cursed with a shortened lifespan. Their overall strength dropped significantly, and they no longer had the foundation to continue suppressing the demons.
Anyone with any brain knows that there is strength in numbers.
If the relationship between the Immortal Sect and several major forces is extremely bad, asking for help will only end up harming them, and they have to fight against the demon alone. Then, why doesn’t the sect leader who holds the Immortal Seal go to the outside world to bring in reinforcements?