ay to escape, right?”

Na Xu Ying, carrying the black coffin on his back, had fallen into the trap they had set. He rushed left and right, but was repeatedly killed by the soldiers of the Immortal Dynasty.
“Please ask the Nine Kings to take action and capture this boy!” Taoist Zuo Xiangyi bowed and said.
Each of the nine kings of different surnames from the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty came forward and were about to enter the formation when they suddenly stopped.
I saw the waves rising sharply in the chaotic sea, and a chaotic creature like a turtle riding on the waves and coming towards this side.
Taoist Yi’s face darkened: “It’s the Chaos Hall Master of the Tao Alliance again! Hun Tunsheng is really haunted!”
At this time, he saw a sudden killing spree in the sea of ??chaos. A Taoist came forward, splitting the thick energy of chaos with his own murderous aura.
Taoist Yi’s heart suddenly suddenly crossed: “The Taoist Alliance is in charge of killing Wu Daoxuan!”
The chaos in the sea of ??chaos stirs, the innate spiritual light rings, thousands of innate spiritual treasures evolve in the spiritual light, and the cosmic flood sources emerge from the periphery of the spiritual treasures. Among them, an old man came and saw thousands of spiritual treasures in various shapes.
“Guo Shoudao, the all-sage master of Hongmeng in the Tao Alliance!”
Taoist Yi had just recognized the old man when he saw the master of Wuji Temple of Daomeng, Gu Daosheng of Reincarnation Hall, Jiang Ziliu of Cause and Effect Hall and others coming from different directions.
“All the nine palace masters of the Dao Alliance, except Dao Ji, have arrived!”
Taoist Yi’s heart trembled slightly and he looked at the eight palace masters of the Taoist Alliance. The purpose of the Dao League and the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty are different. The Dao League is to pursue the ultimate mystery of the Tao, while the Immortal Dynasty is for the survival of the country and its inheritance from generation to generation.
There were many conflicts between the two sides, and they had many conflicts, resulting in many casualties. Not long ago, Hun Tunsheng and others made a fuss in Huangji Imperial Capital in an attempt to abduct the great sacrificer Jiu Yuan Weiyang.
Master Wan Sheng looked at Xu Ying who was trapped in the formation, and said with a smile: “To deal with the outer disciples of our Dao Alliance, Huangji Emperor actually dispatched nine kings and eighteen princes, as well as the left and right prime ministers, and thirty With six heavenly generals, the formation is too big.”
/Wu Daoxuan stepped forward and said: “This makes me more and more curious about what secrets are hidden in the black coffin on the back of our outer disciple of the Dao Alliance.”
Taoist Zuo Xiangyi snorted coldly and said calmly: “If Taoist brother Daoji comes too, I, Emperor Huangji, will give you three points of courtesy, but only eight of the nine Taoist alliance halls have come. I am only afraid of the eight Taoist brothers. Stay here forever.”
At this moment, Palace