oup of nobles from the southeastern provinces began to declare in twos and threes.

The fund-raising meeting that went so smoothly without a glitch really opened the eyes of many people.
The nobles within the kingdom are okay. Similar operations don’t happen much in everyone’s lives, but there are still cases.
The representatives of each country are different. It can be seen from everyone’s eyes that they were frightened. It is estimated that what happened today will shock them for many years.
What seemed like a simple fundraising meeting turned out to be anything but simple. The dedication of the great nobles of the Alpha Kingdom is just the tip of the iceberg.
What really scares everyone is the unity of the nobles of the Alpha Kingdom.
Everyone had inquired beforehand. The Dalton family and the Koslow family were sworn enemies. The two families were crowded together in the Southeast Province, and there were countless private frictions.
Under normal circumstances, these two families should be holding each other back. Whatever you support, we oppose.
Cooperation is only possible unless the interests involved are large enough; or if there is a life-and-death crisis and everyone will die together if they don’t cooperate.
But the reality is very disappointing. The two families who were supposed to be stabbing each other started to cooperate without even seeing the shadow of their enemies.
After all, the so-called Hessian threat is purely wishful thinking. There is currently no sign of the Hessian Kingdom sending troops, let alone fighting across the Blackstone Mountains.
Even though the distance between the two sides is less than 100 kilometers, if the army really wants to cross from here, it will not be easy at all.
Even if a passage is opened, heavy troops must be deployed to guard the passage to ensure the logistical safety of one’s home.
It is a pity that most of the nobles of the Southeast Province who suffer from deep persecution delusions believe that once the war breaks out, the Hessians will come here to kill them.
The theoretical basis that supports everyone’s conclusion is – orcs. In the recent orc invasion war, Beamon’s army took a detour and passed through many countries to poke Alpha in the butt.
If Hudson had not led the expeditionary force back in time for rescue, the empty southern provinces might have been successfully attacked by the orcs.
It can travel thousands of miles, and it is no problem to open a passage less than a hundred kilometers.
/Regardless of whether other people believed it or not, Governor Pierce believed it anyway. Together with Mr. Hudson who was adding fuel to the fire, everyone quickly came to the conclusion that the Hessian Kingdom was preparing to invade the Alpha Kingdom from the Blackstone Mountains!
This is a life and death crisis, we must unite!
As for the dispute between the Dalton family and the Koslow family, it is just a fight between the eldest and the second oldest. Even if one family wins, it will not kill the other family.
The conference came to an