38th level of Yuanli. It’s not fake. The skills may be a little inferior. If you want to kill him instantly with one sword, not everyone can do it.

“Haha, it’s just a coincidence. It’s a bit of progress. Why did the Demon Refining camp come to our door?”
Everyone smiled bitterly, and Ning Zhiyuan briefly explained the recent situation. Only then did Wang Meng realize that the problem was indeed serious.
“Then what I just did was right. I just took the opportunity to wipe out the Demon Refining camp!”
Wang Meng clapped his hands and said.
“Okay, that’s it!” Li Tianyi finally found a supporter.
“Now that Wang Meng is back, we can pay them off at once for the sins we endured some time ago!”
Akito said.
“Senior Brother He, if you are still injured, please call me from the Demon Refining Camp.”
In the killing space, Wang Meng could feel Xu Huang’s power. Maybe he didn’t have as many spells as the Cultivation Academy, but actual combat was also the best teacher. In the battle with the demon cultivator, he could learn many practical spells, which were also not tolerated. underestimate.
/It was an unexpected journey. In addition to completing the third stage of the Five Elements **, another important gain was that Wang Meng understood how to deal with the situation in the Cultivation Academy.
“Count me in, I’m not injured. Tianyi, your main task recently is to recuperate and practice. There are many battles. The Demon Refining camp will not be the last enemy.”
Akito said.
Li Tianyi still listens to Mingren’s words. Although it is a pity, he also knows the current situation and he is indeed not suitable to fight anymore.
/He Zui nodded, “Wang Meng, let Mingren help you. You may not know what happened recently. It’s thanks to Mingren that we can hold on this time. His skills have also improved by leaps and bounds. We really ignored Mingren before.” .”
He Zui was a little emotional. He thought Wang Meng was the only surprise. Who would have thought that when Wang Meng was away recently, Ming Ren would stand up. If Ming Ren hadn’t been there, he and Ning Zhiyuan would have been injured.
Wang Meng looked at Mingren and showed a bright smile, “I have never ignored senior brother Mingren.”
Ming Ren’s heart was moved. Looking at Wang Meng’s cheerful smile, he felt relieved, “With you here, we can’t even take a breath, and we can’t catch up.”
“Okay, stop flattering each other, Brother Wang, can Xiao Huo Miao play with us for a few days?” Ma Tian’er asked.
Of course, Wang Meng would not refuse the lovely Junior Sister Ma’s request, “Go ahead and play with it for as long as you want.”
Upon hearing this, the little flame that was originally full of hope immediately withered and tried to struggle, but its little strength was completely in vain.
Coming to the Cultivation Academy, Xiao Huo Miao discovered that there was a terrifying existence called a girl in the world of cultivators! ! !
After a day of rest, Wang Meng was summoned by the old demon principal early in the morning. Looking at the entire Cultivation Acad