ich makes Wang Xuan look solemn and he must become stronger!

Zhong Cheng and Zhou Yun personally picked up Wang Xuan, and he ended his trip to Pingyuan City.
When he saw a small spaceship going away, Qin Hong’s eyes were cold and he said: “This opportunity is rare. A small and medium-sized warship is enough to eliminate future troubles.”
It has to be said that he has evil intentions and wants to destroy the spacecraft with a super energy beam.
Then, he received a slap. Qin Hongyuan’s body has become much stronger in recent days, and he is quite powerful in hitting people. He looked evil at this time and said: “Your grandfather and I are also on board the spaceship!”
Qin Hong sighed: “This warrior can obviously extend your life for ten years at a time, but he wants to separate himself and deliberately uses it to protect himself. He deserves to be killed!”
Qin Hongyuan glared at him and said: “Put your thoughts away, the descendants of the Zhong family and Zhou family are also on the spaceship. Besides, how can he have nothing to do with you at this stage!”
Qin Hong shook his head and said: “Of course I won’t take action. I am just deducing. Does the Sun family have such courage? One energy beam can solve everything!”
The Sun family has received the news, and some people inside are relieved. After all, it is really uncomfortable to be targeted by a sword immortal, and they are not far away.
But more people had cold eyes. How could the matter between the Sun family and Wang Xuan end here? Both sides know that sooner or later they will find a way to destroy each other!
There was a big explosion high in the sky, fire burned through the clouds, mushroom clouds steamed up, and a small spacecraft crashed and was destroyed.
“The Sun family still has some courage. Regardless of whether there are descendants of the Zhong family on the spaceship, they took action at the critical moment.” After receiving the news, Qin Hong nodded secretly.
/“Something big happened, Wang Xuan’s spaceship crashed!”
/The news spread quickly, causing an uproar. Some people posted it on major platforms, and it quickly hit the hot list. He was unharmed during the battle with the Sun family, but he died like this?
No one believed it was an accident. The spacecraft disintegrated at high altitude, with not much debris left. You can imagine how amazing the high-powered weapons used by the enemy are.
In addition to Wang Xuan, it was rumored that there were also descendants of the Zhong family and Zhou Yun on the spaceship, which caused a big stir and everyone turned to the Sun family.
From the bottom of their hearts, people think that the Sun family is still very ambitious and they will take action when it is time to do so!
However, the public opinion is one-sided. People are talking hotly on various platforms. They are dissatisfied with the Sun family’s cruel behavior. Many people are condemning and angrily criticizing.
“It’s so vicious to take action secretly after the war ceased! A swordsman died like this?”
Many people regret tha