s case, Can estimate the whereabouts of some fragments of the Heavenly Mirror!”

“Contact Wang Xuan and inform him of some situations. There is a high probability that there is something wrong with his mental state!” Fang Yuzhu said.
However, the mother ship is in the depths of the universe, and its contact with the old land is intermittent. Sometimes it takes several days to receive news from each other.
Moreover, they are now too far away from the main body in the curtain, and it is difficult to resonate with them in a short period of time.
Yanyan said: “The damn thing is, every time the light of our soul is pulled in, we have no memory after returning and we don’t know what happened.”
“He must have committed a crime!” the mechanical bird slandered, and then it was smashed to pieces by a white slap.
/“Engrave words on the soul’s armor and tell him something,” the Netherblood Sect Ancestor said.
Soon, they started to leave messages, Fang Yuzhu and Lao Zhang wrote more.
Demon Lord Yanyan only had a few simple words: tear off my skirt again and beat me to death!
Soon after, they were covered in smoke and started again, and the situation was more serious than before, the body was flickering, and the light of the soul was far away.
In the meteorite passage, Wang Xuan was stunned and stared at Demon Lord Yanyan carefully. He saw that the red dress was burned to pieces and had many holes. However, there were four words that were not destroyed. They were very eye-catching: tear me apart. Hemline.
In the meteorite passage, the red haze is steaming, hot, violent, and destructive.
Wang Xuan’s eyes looked strange, is this true? He looked at it again and again, and was sure that the words were correct and were the handwriting of Demon Lord Yanyan.
/In fact, several experts saw it and felt it was outrageous, but they all chose to remain silent. Whoever comments in this situation is in trouble.
Even if someone like Lao Zhang, who has social bullshit syndrome, chooses to shut up now, he doesn’t want to have a fight with the demon lord here.
As for Demon Lord Yanyan herself, her snow-white feet in her combat boots were already tight. She had never been so upset and nervous before. This feeling was too uncomfortable.
The expression on her beautiful face remained unchanged, maintaining that calmness. However, in this deathly silent scene, she could hardly hold herself any longer.
Wang Xuan was excited, but soon calmed down again. Was he going to be beaten severely? Even though he didn’t write it, there are times when reasoning doesn’t work.
No matter how he looked at it, he felt that Demon Lord Yanyan would use him to resolve the embarrassment and get out of the predicament. If he failed to do so, a large-scale tragedy would occur.
He didn’t want to be beaten severely in vain, so he spoke quickly, “I understand!”
No matter what, he had to stabilize these people and not give the Demon Lord a chance to attack, and he had to successfully break up the embarrassing situation, so he had the head start.
Several masters had