d out from between his eyebrows to attack Wang Xuan.

“Wang Dixian is in danger. It seems that the earlier inferences from the outside world were accurate. Now it has been confirmed that his soul has had an accident and has not been revealed so far, leaving him in a desperate situation.” Xinxing, Zhou Yaosheng commented .
At this time, countless people are watching this battle in the new star, the old land, and the depths of the universe. The final battle of the myth has indeed aroused heated discussion among the people. Whether they are ordinary people or extraordinary people, a large number of people are attracted. Ratings on major platforms have reached new highs.
In the midst of the chirping, Wang Xuan was very passive, using the blood of the earthly immortal to fuse extraordinary matter to fight against the powerful enemy’s soul light.
Although he was using the Feathering Fist, the Golden Body Demonic Fetus Dafa, etc. to crush the spiritual spear into pieces, sword light, etc., he was still damaged, blood spattered, and the most serious thing was that the spiritual realm was about to be invaded.
However, he did not panic. The “butterfly” that went away was himself. He did not believe that he would fall into a desperate situation of life and death, and his own Dao Fruit was still outside. After so many years, it was time for something to happen!
A terrible wound appeared on Wang Xuan’s chest, with blood splattering everywhere. At the same time, his forehead was almost pierced by a golden spiritual spear. The situation was extremely bad.
“Come back!” He shouted loudly and sensed that in the world behind Mingtu, over the hazy sea, there was a stream of light passing by, and an extremely brilliant light of the soul fell, instantly penetrating Mingtu!
At this moment, Wang Xuan’s spiritual energy surged, his soul was as bright as the sun in the sky, a faint red substance overflowed from his forehead, and the energy in his body surged violently!
This feeling, this experience, really hasn’t happened for a long time. Wang Xuan has been “weak” for too long in the past, but now his mental energy has skyrocketed!
That was the return and reflection of the Yuan Shen, shining through the life soil with extraordinary material, and a strong spiritual light surging back, filling his position of Yuan Shen that had been relatively dry for many years.
In addition, his whole body is full of power, because there is still red material transpiration, appearing from the life soil, very domineering, violent, rushing towards his limbs and bones at extremely high speed.
However, this instant feeling of fullness became uncomfortable again, because he felt that he was about to burn up, and the red glow was unbearable.
/Even now, he is still a little bit overwhelmed. He had already learned the lesson back then. The red super matter behind the life soil is different from the ordinary extraordinary factors and is destructive.
He has adapted to it for many years, but his physical body still cannot fully accept it.
But it see