ner. Otherwise, don’t bother me.” Lian Nishang said this and closed the door of his room.

ner. Otherwise, don’t bother me.” Lian Nishang said this and closed the door of his room.
“Back?” Tang Rouyu took the two buckets of fish and chuckled: “She didn’t have lunch. When I came back, she was having a pillow fight with Qian Qianqian.” Yin Kuang smiled bitterly, “Really, then tonight we will Let’s have a fish dinner.” Tang Rouyu rolled her eyes, “I’m not the one who’s tired? By the way, why did Rosalind ask Qian Qianqian to be brought there?”
For Tang Rouyu, Yin Kuang naturally had nothing to hide, so He told her everything about the situation, and at the same time told her what he had learned from Lu Xia Leng, which made Tang Rouyu change her expression frequently. In the end, Linlin was sweating and said with lingering fear: “I really didn’t expect it. This college is really too dangerous and scary.” She couldn’t help but hold Yin Kuang’s hand.
Yin Kuang comforted her and said: “That’s why I want to retreat. I will go to Holy Light Continent tonight to see the elf princess, and then I will start to retreat.”
Tang Rouyu didn’t care about being jealous or teasing at this time. , said seriously: “Well. You can practice in seclusion with peace of mind. I will take care of the rest for you.”
Yin Kuang kissed her forehead gently and said softly: “Thank you for your hard work.”
“Humph. It’s good to know.” Tang Rouyu poked Yin Kuang’s ribs.
The fire that had been extinguished by Yin Kuang was immediately stoked by her, and he immediately picked her up and said, “Now, I want to reward my beloved concubine! Haha!” ”
Sigh. Shameless, why don’t you return it to me?” , I still love my concubine, eh, your bite hurts me.”
/Whether it is the depth of love or the venting after a big encounter, the two of them need some fiery exercise next.
It is another early morning.
When he got up early in the morning, Yin Kuang pecked Tang Rouyu’s red lips, tucked her in, then entered the bathroom and took a comfortable hot shower. Yin Kuang, who has had a day’s rest, is going to the Holy Light Continent today to meet the naughty elf princess Merulu who has the potential to be a little witch.
After freshening up, Yin Kuang opened the door and came to the living room, but he didn’t want to be greeted by the smell of burning charcoal as soon as he opened the door. He couldn’t help but cough a few times. At a glance, I saw Lian Nishang squatting in the smoke and grilling fish?
Grilled fish early in the morning? Still baking in the living room?
The corners of Yin Kuang’s eyes twitched.
Lian Nishang turned his head, with a dark face, glanced at Yin Kuang, then continued to lower his head, turning the fish over on the charcoal oven, “Are you up?”
“Yeah,” Yin Kuang said, “What are you doing?”
Well, Yin Kuang also felt stupid for asking. In fact, he wanted to ask Lian Nishang why he was squatting in the living room grilling fish so early in the morning. Sure enough, he received a contemptuous glance from Lian Nishang, “Aren’t you awake yet?”
“Okay.” Yin Kuang smiled coquettishly.
Lian Nishang picked up