too simple. I thought he wanted to use painting. Use your skills to conquer the Wei people!”

This comic is not bad.
The animated version is even more interesting.
However, people from all continents who are familiar with shadows feel:
It is somewhat impossible for Shadow to conquer Weizhou with this work. After all, it is too simple no matter how you look at it. Everyone still thinks that Wangdao comics are simpler and more direct.
/At home at this time.
Lin Yuan is also constantly updating netizens’ evaluations of “Doraemon”, and he can’t help but smile.
People who have just come into contact with “Doraemon”, although they can feel the interest of the work, will not think that there is anything remarkable about this work. Is it true that it is just an animation for a young age?
after all.
Even on Earth, this “Doraemon” is not a work that shocked the whole world just after it was born. It needs time to brew.
The continuous advertising investment, overwhelming publicity, and the influence of Shadow itself made this work attract attention as soon as it was released.
This has never happened before.
Lin Yuan’s goal has been achieved. Those publicity investments were not in vain. He was so enthusiastic about publicity just to shorten the time period for the popularity of this work. I believe that soon this work will explode with charm that will shock everyone. , many times faster than in previous lives!
Simple, young?
This is called simplicity!
In fact, because Xingguang updates very quickly and is extremely popular every day, with only three episodes, the burst period of this work is shorter than Lin Yuan imagined.
one day.
Two days.
Three days.
And Wei Zhou!
Animation areas of major video websites.
On the daily playback rankings.
This “Doraemon” has reached the top in various ways.
There are more and more discussion posts about this work in various continents.
“This comic is so good!”
“The feeling of growing anticipation!”
“I’m so obsessed with this thing. I have to follow the updates every day and I can’t stop!”
“It’s all up to you!”
“Now I rely on this anime to make a living. The more I watch it, the more I like the characters in it. Even Fat Tiger feels cute!”
“This is a big deal!”
“Half the sky is so popular, okay? I work as a teacher in a kindergarten. Now the children go to school every day and discuss this work in various ways. The last time the children were so excited was when they were watching “Once Upon a Time”.”
“Why did this thing become so popular?”
“It seems unreasonable, but in fact the reason is very simple. Probably because each of us hopes that there will be a fat blue man to save his failed life.”
“It’s mainly the feeling of companionship. After watching so many episodes, I feel like Doraemon is also by my side.”
Doraemon fever has exploded!
The number of animation views is increasing every day!
Even the popularity of comics is gradually exploding!
Because comics on the Internet are updated faster, many people who can’t wait for