rthday, so everyone just gave some small gifts.

This tiger fish’s space battleship.
According to Xia Fan, one shot is worth 10,000 yuan.
It’s really too expensive, it’s unnecessary, and I don’t lack that much, so I deserve it.
Thinking like this, Lin Yuan suddenly saw an option next to “No paid gifts”.
His eyes lit up.
Be smarter.
The space battleships on both sides stalled!
The audience also received a reminder that tipping is prohibited in the live broadcast room!
“Is it okay to ban rewards?”
“Tiger Fish: Is this function actually used by anyone?”
“Fish daddy cowhide!”
“Damn it, I’m just trying to build a space battleship!”
“Open it for me!”
“Open it!”
“Good work deserves reward!”
“Please give me a reward!”
“My space battleship is out of fuel!”
“If Xianyu plays live broadcast, there will really be nothing to do with other anchors.”
Take a look.
The local tycoons actually got into trouble because they couldn’t reward them!
/But the “leopard heads” in the live broadcast room laughed heartily!
Laughing like crazy!
Who has seen this scene?
Other anchors begged fans and viewers for tips, but when they came to Xianyu, they turned into fans and begged him to accept the rewards. However, Xianyu ignored them and simply turned off the reward function. Countless space battleships Instant flameout!
Xianyu is so willful!
The entire live broadcast room was full of joyful atmosphere!
Good luck sister’s house.
The live broadcast is over.
Everyone is in a very good mood.
Wei Yunhao smiled and said: “The live broadcast is quite interesting.”
Chen Zhiyu nodded: “Before, Huyu wanted to sign a contract with me, but I refused because I felt I didn’t have time. Now it seems that this format is actually quite good. If you have time, you can take some time to live broadcast, and you can get close to the fans.” comminicate.”
Xia Fan smiled: “It’s okay to play.”
Jiang Kui agreed: “Before, my agent said that live broadcasting would lower the quality of celebrities. Now that I think about it, it’s actually not bad. Live broadcasting is a very down-to-earth form. Who said that celebrities must be aloof.”
Sun Yaohuo hit the nail on the head:
“Considering this kind of thing only shows that your qualifications are not high enough. A real boss like the representative will not consider the so-called qualifications. In ancient times, there were many emperors who had nothing to do but grew vegetables in the palace. Representatives also Just the same, when he comes to live broadcast, his live broadcast quality will go up.”
Everyone rolled their eyes.
Sun Yaohuo’s licking skills were completely perfected. In just a few words, he compared the representative to the ancient emperors without any deliberate feeling.
Zhao Yingke’s eyes lit up:
/“I feel that the representative’s live broadcast talent is very good, and he made everyone happy. In the future, the representative can also consider starting a live broadcast when nothing happens. It would be good for us to get together and have fun o