tles of Kitz’s high-level combat intelligence through Shadow Attendant. Even if he had master-level ‘space warfare research’, he could not control the battleship like Kitz’s high-level combat intelligence.

This not only requires strong analytical and command capabilities, but also requires a thorough understanding of every weapon on the ship.
In terms of understanding of shipboard weapons alone, David could not be more knowledgeable than Kitts’ high-level combat intelligence.
The interference of fifty corpses of soldiers, plus the wave cannon that had just affected the scanning of the opposing fleet, made David’s pop-up not attract the attention of the opposing fleet.
David grabbed a soldier’s corpse, and then moved with the soldier’s corpse. He blocked the soldier’s corpse in front to reduce the chance of being discovered as much as possible.
Of course, David also knew that as long as he got too close to the frigate, he would be discovered, because there were so many types of close-range scans, and his environment simulation function could not be concealed at close range.
But by then, it was too late for the frigate to discover him.
Kitts’ high-level combat intelligence drove the destroyer backwards. Originally, the battleship’s forward speed was much faster than its retreat speed, but Captain Ebenezer soon discovered that no matter how fast their fleet accelerated, they could not catch up with the destroyer.
If Kitts’ high-level combat intelligence is asked to re-judge the winning rate at this time, it will definitely give a completely different result.
Because Captain Ebenezer is no longer the fearless captain he was back then. He has been extremely conservative throughout the battle and adopted the safest fighting method.
Because he has not encountered a strong enemy in so many years, he has always relied on advanced battleships and powerful weapons to bully fleets that are weaker than him. Of course, every time he has won a brilliant victory.
With the increase in income and the change in mentality, Captain Ebenezer, who has been away from the military for twenty years, has lost the bravery that a soldier should have. No matter how good his command is, he cannot compare with the real elite captains in the military.
/Kitts’ high-level combat intelligence’s initial judgment was based on what it knew about the command capabilities of elite captains in the military.
If you are a true elite captain, you will never let your fleet shrink, but will launch an attack on the destroyer. In the case of thirty to one, as long as half or more frigates are sacrificed, the destroyer can definitely be defeated. seriously injured.
It’s a pity that Captain Ebenezer’s conservative tactics wasted the best opportunity. If Captain Ebenezer really let his frigates fight hard, will these subordinates who have enjoyed life and gained a fortune will launch a death plan? Impact is still an issue.
Of course, this cannot be blamed on Captain Ebenezer. Captain Ebenezer does not know the true strength of the destroyer and cannot an