home. In fact, he had already chosen you as his target, but in the end you escaped. Do you know why?”

home. In fact, he had already chosen you as his target, but in the end you escaped. Do you know why?”
I definitely don’t know, I If I knew, there would be no need to waste words with him here. Peng Jiakai asked me: “Then what did he say to you in the end?”
I said: “He said, ‘I just saw you in the rearview mirror without your head. When you go back You’d better find someone to take a look at
it as soon as possible.” I don’t remember the exact words, but that’s roughly what he said.
Peng Jiakai looked at me when I said it, and I repeated Ma Liyang’s words. Suddenly I felt something strange, as if there was a different meaning in it, but for a while it seemed that nothing could be deciphered.
/This feeling was fleeting, and Peng Jiakai had already said: “The reason why he gave up on your goal was because he saw me following his car in the rearview mirror.”
I knew that he had some relationship with Ma Liyang, and It’s easy to say that we know each other. If a person sees someone he knows before committing a crime, he will probably give up. But what I don’t understand is why Ma Liyang said that to me later. Another point is that he used me as a random target. Or has Ma Liyang been paying attention to it for a long time?
Peng Jiakai continued: “Ma Liyang has two cars, two identical ones. The one you found is the one he drives normally, which means there will be no traces on it, and the other one is usually the one he drives at night. , that is, used to commit crimes.”
I listened to Peng’s words word for word, for fear of missing a word, and I quickly analyzed his words in my head, but soon I found the doubt. Since he said it like this If so, then the car that Ma Liyang drove out that night should be the car that committed the crime. But why was nothing found in the car later?
Peng Jiakai said: “Do you really think Ma Liyang was killed in the car?”
I looked at him in excitement when Peng Jiakai asked, and then a doubt that had been bothering us was revealed. Ma Liyang was not killed in the car, but at home.
It was indeed Ma Liyang who went home that night, not anyone else. Our assumptions were all wrong. Ma Liyang drove home. Because he discovered that Peng Jiakai had been following him, he gave up committing the crime and went home instead.
But when he returned home, he was killed. Without his wife’s knowledge, he didn’t shout out. Peng Jiakai said that he didn’t know the details. He was probably knocked unconscious. Later, he rustled around the house. The sound of searching for something was actually the sound made when he was killed and when the murder weapon was buried, so it can be understood why the murder weapon was buried under the flower bed of his house.
After that, another car belonging to Ma Liyang’s family was driven to the scene carrying the body, and it was made into the appearance that people later discovered. Careful planning was also made from the route to create the illusion that someone was pretending to be him and returning home after his death.
It’s bloody again. This reminds