ill exhaust you to death, but he has nothing to do with it. Superfluous thoughts.

ill exhaust you to death, but he has nothing to do with it. Superfluous thoughts.
“To compensate you, Tesla will replace you with a brand new 128m tpod shulle for free!”
“No, I’ve already troubled you enough. Just repair my 64m one.”
“It should be said that we are in trouble. You. I express Tesla’s sincere apology and I have a gift for my classmate Jiamei. I hope you can accept it.”
Before Jiamei could finish her words, a beautiful packaging box was handed to her. in front of her.
The high-end packaging box with collectible value can touch the string deep in the soul, bringing people either pleasure or nostalgia, in any case, it is full of positive energy. Everyone has feelings. She will unconsciously fall in love with things that can stimulate her inner dialogue, even if they are people or objects.
With exquisite design and skilled and exquisite printing technology, Zhao Song requires that the packaging of all Tesla products can mobilize emotional needs. In this fast era, consumers who are in a hurry even if they only have a little time, You will also appreciate the box unconsciously.
Jiamei carefully took over the black box covered with auspicious cloud patterns. The gilded T character on it, the metallic texture, and the shining color made her unable to let go for a long time.
/Because of Zhao Song’s relationship, the entire store clerk in the first aisle All eyes were focused here, and people were speculating about the identity of this girl who needed Zhao Song to personally receive her, until Jiamei picked up the box.
“Wow~~” Countless people gathered over and looked at the box in Jiamei’s hand.
The expensive girl who hadn’t appeared for a long time happened to come here to adjust the goods. She pushed aside the crowd and shouted: “Zhao Song, what is this?”
“Tesla USB flash drive that has not been released yet!”
“It’s so beautiful!” Gui Xiaomei admired and couldn’t help but ask: “How much will it cost? Can you sell me one in advance?”
“1999, not for sale!”
Total assets: 600 million
Jiamei was presented with a weird look. The driver in the taxi looked at the handbag beside him. There were two exquisite packages and a Coca-Cola that had remained unchanged for thousands of years.
The after-sales service experience this time was very good, unprecedentedly good, so good that she felt like she was God, and so good that she did not believe that it was made by a domestic company.
She spent more than 10,000 yuan to buy a mid-tower chassis, and then got zero yuan to buy it.
She bought a 64MT PODshulle for a small price of one thousand, and then exchanged it, and got a 128M one for free, taking an unlisted USB flash drive with a price of two thousand.
From the beginning to the end, Tesla did not make any money from her.
/But it was such an attitude that made her decide that the future upgrade of the machine would definitely be Tesla.
The reason for the weird look was that Zhao Song, who was the same age as her, didn’t look like the domineering president in the Wanwan manusc